Travis Alligood

If you’re looking for massage therapy in Salisbury, Travis Alligood is the massage therapist to see. We’re delighted that he decided to pursue certification as a Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT). Achieving this certification, one of the highest standards for a massage professional, is not easy. It takes a burning desire to get results for your clients and a great deal of commitment. Below is his story in his own words. This talented therapist can help you with all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, including headaches, rotator cuff problems, sports injuries, and more. To book an appointment for massage therapy in Salisbury, click the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.

Several years ago, after becoming a licensed massage and bodyworker, I was invited by a fellow therapist to join ABMP’s “Community of Massage Practitioners.” During the first few months I spent a lot of time researching the organization’s very sophisticated social network. It was there I met Erik Dalton and learned about the Freedom From Pain Institute’s trainings. Seeing this as a way of fulfilling my CE requirements, I enrolled in my first home study course titled Posture-Pain-Performance. I immediately knew that Erik’s Myoskeletal Therapy was going to play a big part in my future.

As I began incorporating MAT, my chronic pain clients began moving better and feeling more optimistic about their conditions. So, naturally I couldn’t wait to take my next Myoskeletal CE class and after my second live workshop, I realized that this “brain-based” hands-on therapy was going to be a big boon to my bodywork practice. By integrating my previous massage therapy knowledge with Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, I was able to elevate my career to a higher (more confident) level. I intuitively knew this modality would become a standard way of life for many years to come in helping clients live a more enjoyable life with less pain. I have really appreciated the hands-on classes as well as all the new professionally produced eLearning courses.

By becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT), I’ve witnessed a growth not only in my hands-on skills, but also my personal life. I have now become aware of the importance of movement and taking care of myself so that I am able to bring this wonderful modality to the table for years to come. Thank you, Erik Dalton, for allowing me to learn your Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques.

Travis Alligood
Salisbury, North Carolina


Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) Certification is one of the most prestigious designations available in the profession. Get to know one of these remarkable “next level” therapists near you.”



Clients are always seeking help with complex pain problems and are willing to compensate therapists who have earned this advanced skill-set. Learn how you can become the “go to” theapist in your community with Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification.