Cindy Tan

As a therapist living in Singapore, I’ve been pursuing educational programs which significantly extend my knowledge and skills in areas beyond my initial massage training. Some of my past work includes certifications in neuromuscular therapy, Clinical Sports Massage, ACE, TRX, NKT, and Manual Lymphatic Therapy.

I began my Master Myoskeletal Therapist journey 2 years ago to better understand how to evaluate a client’s gait, posture, and pain patterns, but I realized there was a lot more to the MMT program than that. This brain-based bodywork training seemed to immediately provide a longer lasting impact on my pain and injury clients, both young and old. Erik and Paul’s corrective exercises further enhanced the therapeutic effect by providing playful novel stimuli that kept my client’s engaged in the process as we worked together to relieve their pain and improve their athletic performance.

Erik’s Costa Rica and the Oklahoma City workshops have been wonderfully insightful and so much fun! There’s so much to learn from Erik and Dalton gang and I feel blessed and grateful to be associated with this passionate group of therapists. The MMT is a close-knit community and there’s always someone there to answer questions, refer me to pertinent research, and to offer personal support and encouragement. At the end of each workday, I take home a feeling that I have really made a difference in improving the quality of life for every client I’ve touched. Thank you once again, Erik and Dalton gang. Looking forward to Aubrey Gowing’s Myoskeletal workshop this weekend in Singapore. Proud to be an MMT.
Cheers and regards,

Cindy Tan


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