Erik Dalton


 With over thirty years educating massage therapists around the world, Erik Dalton is among the most highly regarded educators in the profession. With a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between mind and body, structure and function, he has developed Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques which is changing the world of pain treatment and management.

Myoskeletal Alignment techniques have been used to help thousands of clients find relief  from chronic pain conditions and live happy pain-free lives. But what do you do after you’ve helped them resolve their pain problem. What do you do when someone who doesn’t have a pain condition comes in to see you? What do you do when you work in a spa setting where clients come to manage their stress and simply enjoy the benefits of structured touch? What do you do if your client tells you that they just want to relax? 

The answer is (drumroll please)…


Erik Dalton is an actively practicing therapist to this day and he sees clients for every reason imaginable, including stress management and relaxation. He recognizes the important need for relaxation massage and healthy structured touch. So he’s been developing a “stress-busting” routine in his private practice for several decades. And now for the first time ever, he’s sharing it with the massage and bodywork professions. 

The 60 techniques that you’ll learn in this program are designed specifically to be done in a spa setting or in practices that focus more on wellness than rehabilitation. Erik walks you through the routine he uses almost daily in his practice step-by-step, demonstrating the nuances of each technique as he goes through the sequence. You simply need to get a willing subject on your table and follow along. 

You’ll learn highly effective techniques for prone, sidelying and supine positions. They feel great for the client and they are all incredibly easy on your body, so you can massage all day long without getting sore or hurting your own body making your clients happy. The techniques are particularly useful for small practitioners who have to work on larger clients. 

For some of the techniques in this routine, you can ask your clients to assist you by performing specific movement enhancers such as pelvic tilting and deep breathing to boost their effectiveness. But if your client just wants to just kick back and let you do all the work, that’s absolutely fine. These client assisting components are completely optional and you do not have to perform them.

The Myoskeletal Spa Massage relaxation routine is divided into three sections for easy reference. This allows you to select specific techniques to incorporate into your existing massage or to perform the entire massage as it is taught. Grab your copy today.

In this “Myoskeletal Spa Massage” program, therapists will learn how to:

  • Stimulate the body’s stress-relieving hormones
  • Relieve pressure on peripheral nerves
  • Address protective muscle guarding due to injury
  • Relieve digestive disorders
  • Enhance breathing
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Enhance exercise performance

In this head to toe routine you’ll learn 60 soft tissue techniques for relieving stress and improving whole-body mobility. The USB has three sections: 1. Prone 2. Sidelying and 3. Supine.

BONUS! Purchase the USB and we’ll give you access to the eLearning version for free! (valued at $69). You receive the entire contents of the program online where you can access through any device: computer, laptop, tablet or phone. You’re no longer tied to your USB player and can enjoy learning wherever you have Internet access.

Diane Pineault
Diane PineaultWindsor, Ontario & Detroit, Michigan
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"As a well-trained and studied therapist, the MAT online trainings reinforced my current skill set while also encouraging me to view the body and my treatment approaches from additional perspectives. The information is current, clearly presented and immediately applicable."
Matthew Smith
Matthew SmithVienna, West Virginia
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"The depth of knowledge that MAT training provides is valuable not only for its effective hands-on techniques, but also for its attention to principles of anatomical assessment, movement retraining, and manual application."
Joani Donovan
Joani DonovanToledo, Ohio
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"MAT has changed my world both professionally and personally. It has given me the confidence needed to build trusting referral relationships with the top team of medical doctors in the city of Toledo. I am considered a rehab therapist and I laugh when people say Dr. K referred me to you cuz you can fix my sh**! "


ONLY $79!


USB Program Includes:

  • 1 USB packed with technique demonstrations including 60 soft tissue techniques for relieving stress and improving whole-body mobility: Prone, Sidelying & Supine
  • BONUS: Order the USB version and get access to the eLearning Version for free!

ONLY $69!


eLearning Includes:

  • Instant access to the online streaming videos
  • Detailed instructions for all techniques

Lifetime access and no shipping fees!



The eLearning Course contains:

  • Online streaming instructional videos (instant access)
  • Detailed instructions for all techniques
  • A downloadable full-color manual
  • Online tests and printable certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to all course materials

The Home Study format contains hard goods that are shipped to you. This includes:

  • All course materials are either on instructional DVDs or USBs
  • Full-color printed textbook or manual
  • Mail-in test 
  • FREE BONUS: When you purchase the Home Study version, you’ll get access to the eLearning Course as outlined above

You save with eLearning: Because there is no hard product to ship with the eLearning Course format, we can pass the savings onto you!

Upon successful completion of a course, you will earn continuing education credits for your massage or bodywork licensure. All our courses are recognized by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and most State Licensing Boards. 

This online continuing education may or may not count towards your required CE credit requirements. It’s your responsibility, and not the responsibility of Freedom From Pain Institute, to check with your regulatory agency to confirm whether these will be accepted as CE credits in your jurisdiction.

eCourse: As soon as your payment posts the eCourses are delivered to your inbox.

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Most courses can be completed in a weekend of intensive studying, like a self-guided workshop. However, you’re welcome to spread your study time out across weeks or even months. There are no time restraints on taking the courses. You’ll have lifetime access to the online materials and can complete the exam whenever you’re ready.

No. You can start with any course you like, and complete the courses in any order. Each course is standalone and does not require prerequisites. However, to get the most out of your learning experience we highly suggest you start with the foundational courses so you have a solid understanding of the principles behind Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. You can purchase the foundational courses in a bundle for a significant discount. Click here for details.

You are required to pass any tests for each course before we can issue your certificate of completion. All tests are multiple choice and you’ll have the opportunity to repeat the tests if you do not pass the first time. 

For eCourses, there is a short test to complete after each lesson. Once you’ve successfully completed all tests, you’ll be automatically issued an online certificate of completion for you to print. 

For home study courses, you’ll have the option to do a final written test and mail it in to us or do the online tests.

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