Many massage practitioners want to move beyond providing basic relaxation to correcting and preventing long-term problems. This means it’s time to invest in training that teaches a more clinical approach to working with pain. Dalton’s breakthrough Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques integrates decades of knowledge from visionary researchers and practitioners into a comprehensive system. With these comprehensive course bundles, you’ll learn how to find and correct the true source of pain. Thanksgiving Week Sale ends November 30th!

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Advanced E-COURSE bundle 80 CE

The next step in your mastery of Myoskeletal alignment techniques

Learn Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques from the convenience of your home with cutting edge eCourses and home study programs. This advanced package is for those practitioners who have completed the four foundational courses and  includes five advanced courses in the principles and practice of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. With our eCourse bundle, you get lifetime access and because it’s available online, there are no shipping charges

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Here's what's included in the Advanced Bundle

Shoulder, Arm & Hand (16 CE)

Discover 65 techniques for addressing complicated pain problems in the shoulder, arm, and hand.

Technique Tour (16 CE)

Discover deep tissue, pin and stretch, nerve mobilization, and graded exposure stretches in this comprehensive “technique only” program.

Treating Trapped Nerves (16 CE)

Equip yourself with a powerhouse of skills for relieving painfully compressed nerves. Relieve pain caused by mechanical entrapment in the neck, thoracic outlet,  sacroiliac, and other regions. 

Motion is Lotion (16 CE)

With these powerful MAT techniques you’ll learn how to lubricate stuck fascial layers, restore motion in adhesive joint capsules, and promote healing in injured ligaments. Features real clients with real problems. 

Art of MAT (16 CE)

Take an inside look at Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques in action. Follow along with Erik Dalton and senior trainer Paul Kelly as they use MAT techniques to treat real people with real problems.

Choose the version that's best for you...

You have two options in purchasing this course: 

  1. Home study: Ships with printed manuals and DVDs. In addition, when you purchase the home study bundle, you’ll get instant access to the eCourse version as a free bonus.
  2. eCourse: The eLearning bundle contains all the great videos and information available in the home study version, but is available entirely online, with videos and downloadable manuals. Because eCourses are delivered online, we don’t have the cost of producing and stocking printed books, manuals or DVDs. We can pass those savings onto you. Purchase now and get lifetime access. And there’s no shipping cost with eLearning! So you save even more! 



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80 CE Home Study Bundle with DVDs and Manuals.

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80 CE Only $1,245 $871.50!

eCourse Bundle

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The eCourse contains:

  • Online streaming instructional videos (instant access)
  • Detailed instructions for all techniques
  • A downloadable full color manual
  • Online tests and printable certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to all course materials

The Home Study format contains hard goods that are shipped to you. This includes:

  • All course material on instructional DVDs
  • Full color printed textbook or manual
  • Mail-in test (or option to take tests online) and professionally printed certificate of completion is mailed to you
  • FREE BONUS: When you purchase the Home Study version, you’ll get instant access to the eCourse as outlined above

You save with eLearning: Because there is no hard product to produce or ship with the eCourse format, we can pass the savings onto you!

Upon successful completion of a course, you will earn continuing education credits for your massage or bodywork licensure. All our courses are recognized by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and most State Licensing Boards. 

The eCourses are delivered to your inbox immediately.

For home study courses, materials (books and DVDs). All orders in the United States are shipped by USPS priority mail. Delivery is usually within 3-5 days. International orders are shipped via USPS priority mail international. Guaranteed delivery is between 14-21 business days depending upon customs in your area. International orders may be subject to duty taxes. *When you purchase a home study course you will also get instant access to the related eCourse.

Most courses can be completed in a weekend of intensive studying, like a self-guided workshop. However, you’re welcome to spread your study time out across weeks or even months. There are no time restraints on taking the courses. You’ll have lifetime access to the online materials and can complete the exam whenever you’re ready.

No. You can start with any course you like, and complete the courses in any order. Each course is standalone and does not require prerequisites. However, to get the most out of your learning experience we highly suggest you start with the foundational courses so you have a solid understanding of the principles behind Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. You can purchase the foundational courses in a bundle for a significant discount. Click here for details.

You are required to pass any tests for each course before we can issue your certificate of completion. All tests are multiple choice and you’ll have the opportunity to repeat the tests if you do not pass the first time. 

For eCourses, there is a short test to complete after each lesson. Once you’ve successfully completed all tests, you’ll be automatically issued an online certificate of completion for you to print. 

For home study courses, you’ll have the option to do a final written test and mail it in to us or do the online tests.

Check out our complete FAQs here. If you can’t find your answer, contact us and we’d be happy to help you.