Many massage practitioners want to move beyond providing basic relaxation to correcting and preventing long-term problems. This means it’s time to invest in training that teaches a more clinical approach to working with to pain. Dalton’s breakthrough Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques integrates decades of knowledge from visionary researchers and practitioners into a comprehensive system. With these comprehensive course bundles, you’ll learn how to find and correct the true source of pain. Make the commitment to mastery with the MAT Foundational Course Bundle – available in home study or eCourse versions. 

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Choose from these three bundles...

Foundational Bundle

With the core training provided in the 80-CE hour Foundational MAT Bundle, which contains four comprehensive courses, you’ll quickly become the go-to bodywork therapist in your community for pain management. 

Advanced Bundle

If you have the foundational courses already, then you’re ready for the 80-CE hour Advanced MAT Bundle which contains all five advanced courses. 

The Complete Library

If you want to work towards Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) Certification, then the 160-CE Complete MAT Library Bundle is for you. Contains all nine courses combining the Foundational and Advanced bundles.