Questions About Certification

What certifications in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques are available for me to earn?

Whenever you take one of our online courses and pass the test with a 70% or better, you earn an MAT Specialist certification for that course. For example, if you take the Upper Body MAT Course and pass the test, you’ll earn a certification as an Upper Body MAT Specialist.
For students who wish to become experts in the entire Myoskeletal Alignment program, you can earn the Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) certification. This certification is a registered trademark with national recognition in the bodywork industry. Completing this certification entails completing all 9 of our home-study programs, as well as attending 50 hours of live workshops. More details are available on the Master Myoskeletal Therapist Certification page.

Is there a certification for the Foundational Program?

No, there is no separate certification for those who complete the Foundational Program. You will, however, earn 3 MAT Specialist certifications: Upper Body MAT Specialist, Lower Body MAT Specialist, and Posture, Pain MAT Specialist.
These courses are simply a collection of courses you can take to give yourself a solid foundation of MAT skills to use to resolve pain from head-to-toe in your clients. The bundles are designed to save you money.

Are there prerequisites to any of the courses?

No, there are no prerequisites to any courses or workshops.

Do the courses have to be completed in order?

No. Erik highly suggests you start with the Foundational Program to establish a set of skills for issues across the entire body. However, you can start with any course you like, and complete the courses in any order.

How do I get listed in your online MAT Specialist directory?

You must completed any one of our MAT Courses and its test to become an MAT Specialist. We’ll then list you in the MAT Specialist Directory on this site.

Why should I study Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and not just go for the quick online CEs offered by some other companies?

Erik Dalton and the MAT trainings are well-respected in the bodywork and massage community for their quality and efficacy. You’ll never question whether you’ve spent your money well with our programs.
However, it all depends on your goals as a massage therapist. There are a lot of great teachers and a diversity of speciality techniques available. MAT training is for bodyworkers interested in learning more clinical approaches to finding and resolving pain patterns in the body, rather than relaxation techniques or spa treatments.

Continuing Education Credits

Are your certifications recognized by NCBTMB? What is your NCBTMB provider number?

Our NCBTMB provider number is 157429-00.

I don’t need the CEs but would like to learn Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. Can I order courses without tests and CEs?

Yes. You can study on your own with any of Erik’s Technique DVDs or MAT Textbooks. You can also purchase any of the courses and skip taking the test. Please note that the supplemental reading manuals included in some courses are only available when you purchase a complete course.

I do not need CEs but would like to be certified as an MAT Specialist or Master Myoskeletal Therapist. Do I need to purchase the course, or can I just purchase the textbooks and DVDs?

To receive certification, you must purchase the full course(s) and complete each test. The same test is required for both CE’s and certification.

About Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

How does Myoskeletal Alignment differ from other deep tissue massage techniques?

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) is a system developed by Erik Dalton as a tool to help relieve our nation’s neck and back pain epidemic. By incorporating muscle balancing techniques with joint stretching maneuvers, manual therapists learn to quickly identify and correct dysfunctional, neurologically-driven strain patterns before they become pain patterns. The typical deep tissue massage focuses mostly on providing temporary relieve without correcting dysfunctional patterns.

I see a lot of clients that have low back and hip pain. What course do you suggest for fixing those issues?

The Lower Back MAT Course has hundreds of effective assessment and treatment techniques for low back, hip, leg and ankle pain. Erik loves to say (and can prove it every day with repeat clients): “Learn to fix backs, and you will always have a full practice.”

What is the best way to treat neck issues like Dowager’s Hump, forward head posture, whiplash pain and other neck, head and back issues?

Erik’s “Dirty Dozen” techniques are visually explained in the Upper Body MAT Course. Deep tissue, myofascial release, assisted stretching, joint capsule routines and special “spindle stimulating” maneuvers promote myoskeletal balance. Learn low-force receptor recoil techniques to restore soft tissue, pain-free movement. This is a great home study course offering lines of defense for chronic myoskeletal pain. It’s a must-have course for treating or “flexion addicted” society.

What course can I take that will teach me the most different techniques for overall MAT?

The Technique Tour MAT Course is full of great techniques, and a good overview of head-to-toe maneuvers. It includes treatment for hiatal hernia, abdominal scar release, and TMJ, which aren’t seen in any other of our DVD sets. The 3-DVD set and step-by-step manual were formulated for in-the-trenches massage therapists and bodyworkers. Each technique is sectioned so you can easily locate and practice a particular maneuver until you get it. It is also available fully online, as an e-Learning course.

Is Erik Teaching any workshops this year?

Erik typically teaches two workshops each year: one in July in Oklahoma City, and one in Costa Rica in November. Check the MAT Workshops page for a complete list of workshops offered this year by Erik and other Senior MAT Teachers.

Purchasing, Shipping and Taking Courses

How long does it take to receive my product order?

Orders always ship within 2 business days. All mainland USA orders ship via UPS Ground, except to those who live in Alaska or Hawaii. UPS guarantees delivery within 5 business days. The eCourses are delivered to your inbox immediately. 

Which courses are available fully online as e-Learning courses?

Please check THIS PAGE for details and availablility of eLearning courses. All of our courses are also available as home study courses. This means you receive a physical copy of the DVDs, textbooks or manuals for your course. These are yours to keep permanently.

I live in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the USA. Can you ship my order to me?

We ship to most every country through USPS Priority or USPS Express Mail. International shipping times vary case-by-case.

A fellow massage therapist and I would both like to become certified in MAT. Can we share a course?

Yes. Erik Dalton permits the sale of one additional test with the purchase of an MAT home study course. Posture Pain and Upper Body test cost is $100, and the Lower Body test is $140. If you would like to purchase a second test with your order, please call the office at 800-709-5054.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Many of our courses can be completed in a weekend of intensive studying, like a self-guided workshop. You’re welcome to spread your study time out across several days or weeks, however. There are no time restraints on taking the courses. The CE credits are non-expiring.

Can I share the Dalton Library Bundle with one or more other massage therapists?

No, the tests included with the Complete Collection cannot be shared.  However, we are permitted to sell 1 additional test of each course with the purchase of the Complete Collection.  It is required that we have the participant’s name and contact information for each additional test sold.  Additional tests cannot be ordered online and can only be ordered by calling the office at 800-709-5054.

I would like to purchase the Dalton Library Bundle. Do you have a payment plan?

We offer a split-ship and split-pay option for purchasing the Dalton Library Bundle only. The first payment is 50% of the total. The second 50% payment will be drafted automatically 30 days later. We ship the first half of the materials when the first payment is made, and the remaining materials 30 days later, when the second payment is processed. 
Standard shipping costs apply to each shipment. The split-pay is not available for e-Learning courses. To arrange the split-pay plan, please contact the office at 800-709-5054.

You also have the option to use PayPal Credit which will give you 6 months to pay.

Which courses are available fully online as e-Learning courses?