Thais Fleitas Hidalgo

“As a kinesthetic person I’ve been involved in the practice of dance, acrobatics, and expressive arts from a very young age and that allowed me to pursue a career in this field. Then, as a licensed contemporary dancer I was exposed to a broad spectrum of somatic practices along with knowledge of movement. My experience practicing and teaching dance and yoga led me to my first introduction to hands-on techniques and holistic bodywork. Then, I immediately recognized the amazing value of therapeutic touch and its profound impact on all aspects of being, so I felt inspired to become a healing practitioner of ancient eastern traditions like Ayurveda and traditional Thai bodywork. I am the typical eternal student and love to expand my skills and knowledge so I can contribute to the integral wellbeing of people.

Throughout the years, I’ve studied many approaches and hands-on techniques such as reflexology, Watsu, manual lymph drainage, myofascial therapy, and medical massage. Suddenly, I found myself reconciling two apparently different paths (Arts and Bodywork) and began merging them into one beautiful new path that has transformed my life.

I met Erik Dalton in 2014 in my workplace at Pura Vida Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica, and immediately felt a deep respect and admiration towards him and his vast experience and knowledge. I started participating in his workshops at Pura Vida and developed an affinity not only to his techniques and applications, but also to the strong influence from his mentors such as Vladimir Janda, Philip Greenman, Ida Rolf, and many others. I took seriously the value of his legacy and decided to complete his Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification. Now here I am feeling very proud and honored to have accomplished such a wonderful step of growth in my career.

All the high-quality learning material and experience Erik offers is well-structured, scientifically supported, and easy to apply and incorporate into your practice. The Myoskeletal textbooks and eCourses provided an excellent education and reference for life that will refine your skills and understanding as a therapist. I really appreciate Erik, Kim, and all his staff and teaching assistants including Judy Slater, Nate Fay, and Scott Doss, for always being so gracious and supportive. Every workshop in Costa Rica offers such an enjoyable opportunity for knowledge, growth, practice, connection, fun, adventure, and community; just the perfect scenario to immerse yourself in. It is a wonderful and meaningful learning experience abroad that I highly recommend. I am infinitely grateful to have been able to live this experience and to have always shared with all these wonderful and talented people.”

Thais Fleitas Hidalgo
Alajuela, Costa Rica


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