Michelle Mokracek

I have been practicing massage and manual therapies for over 18 years. I started with Neuro Muscular Therapy as my core curriculum in 2000 and from there continued to grow my perspective and experience training in Shiatsu and Thai/Yoga modalities. Despite having a thriving massage therapy practice, I wanted to better understand how to work with client’s presenting with posture and pain issue.

In 2007 I started studying orthopedic massage and later became a certified practitioner. Then in 2008 I attended Erik Dalton’s weeklong Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques live certification course in Costa Rica and I realized that this was just what I had been looking for. I was hooked! MAT is an amazing integrative method that combines some of the best techniques from osteopathy, fascial therapy, pain management, and developmental movement sciences. I knew that this was going to be years of study and I was so excited!! After developing my skills and integrating this information I feel confident that I can help almost anyone who walks through my door. Proud to be a Master Myoskeletal Therapist.

Michelle Mokracek
Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey


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