Mirek Drag

If you’re looking for massage therapy in Ontario, Mirek Drag is the massage therapist to see. We’re delighted that he decided to pursue certification as a Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT). Achieving this certification, one of the highest standards for a massage professional, is not easy. It takes a burning desire to get results for your clients and a great deal of commitment. You can read a little bit about his journey below. This talented therapist can help you with all kinds of musculoskeletal issues, including headaches, rotator cuff problems, sports injuries, and more. If you’re looking for massage therapy in Ontario, give Mirek a call.

With over 22 years experience as a RMT, I’ve always been passionate about helping my patients and professional athletes move better, stand taller, and sustain fewer injuries. I take pride in guiding them through every stage of their recovery process.

Following the MAT principles and guidelines, my patients are able to more quickly return to physical activity with increased physical strength and mobility. I feel these specialized skills have allowed me to provide my patients with pain relief and better nervous system functioning, while improving my own body mechanics.  Thanks to Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Techniques, I’ve received great  feedback and have witnessed incredible results.

After receiving the Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification, my hands-on manipulation techniques have continued to develop. MAT has been an asset in my clinic because it allows me to improve the quality of life, both physically and emotionally, for every one of my patients.

I currently practice in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada as a RMT and MMT. I hope to continue learning from Erik Dalton to further improve my hands-on and biosocial skill set. I would like to thank Kim Miller (Freedom From Pain Institute’s Educational Director) who has helped me in fulfilling so many of my goals. I take great pride in my work of treating patients and enhancing their lifestyle and am very proud to be part of the MMT family, which consists of a group of remarkable therapists. 

Mirek Drag
Vaughan, Ontario


Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) Certification is one of the most prestigious designations available in the profession. Get to know one of these remarkable “next level” therapists near you.”



Clients are always seeking help with complex pain problems and are willing to compensate therapists who have earned this advanced skill-set. Learn how you can become the “go to” theapist in your community with Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification.