Erik Dalton

Paul Kelly

Ari Globerman and Danny Christie

Dave Clinger & Rudy Munoz

October 22nd-23rd, 2016 Maumee Bay, Oregon, OH

All Myoskeletal workshops are NCBTMB approved and also count toward MMT Certification

The Freedom from Pain Institute™ courses are approved by NCBTMB, IASI and most state certifying agencies. Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment home study certification courses and workshops offer practical ‘hands-on’ strategies for treating painful necks, low backs, and sports injuries.

All Dalton workshops are scheduled at Vacation / Education destinations.

MAT massage workshops teach pain management

If you’re looking to learn more about hands-on pain management, MAT massage workshops provide a wealth of knowledge and training, along with a large number of approved CE hours. Those manual therapists who have the chance to attend one of these continuing education seminars walk away with advanced massage and bodywork skills. In fact, the ability to perform MAT allows practitioners to enter or advance within the lucrative world of pain management. Whether you choose to book a spot in MAT creator Erik Dalton’s popular Costa Rica workshop or attend a seminar stateside with one of his senior instructors, securing the skills to provide pain management is a powerful choice. Equipped with the training necessary to truly help clients with all kinds of chronic pain, you will be ready to take your practice to new heights.

It’s not difficult to understand why the professional who can provide lasting relief from stubborn pain is going to have a large and loyal client base. However, figuring out how to provide that lasting relief can be a bit more challenging. This is where Erik Dalton and MAT massage workshops come into play. Dalton has been at the forefront of this field for more than three decades, and his signature modality — Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, or MAT — is specifically designed to relieve pain. One key aspect of MAT that sets it apart is that this method does not simply chase the symptoms of pain and soothe those symptoms temporarily. MAT practitioners are trained to assess clients in order to pinpoint and address the source of the pain, not just the symptoms.


Get a spot in MAT massage workshops

One important factor to realize about Erik Dalton’s live massage workshops is that these seminars fill up fast. The chance to learn from the developer and longtime practitioner of MAT is an incredible opportunity for manual therapists who seek advanced massage and bodywork training. The fact that one of Dalton’s main workshops takes place in Costa Rica — “Pain Management in Paradise” — is an added incentive for enrollment. However, the MAT seminars that take place at popular destinations within the United States tend to book up quickly as well. These courses are taught by senior MAT instructors and advanced MAT practitioners, who aim to give manual therapists the opportunity to learn this valuable modality in person. All of these CE workshops deliver practical knowledge you can take straight to the table.

For those practitioners who can’t make it to MAT massage workshops in person, Dalton has developed an entire catalog of online and home-study CE classes for massage therapists. These in-depth courses allow manual therapist to learn top pain-management techniques on their own time. For example, those who are looking to learn more right away can sign up for one of Dalton’s MAT e-learning courses for instant education. These massage therapy online classes provide high-quality education and deliver approved continuing education units, or CEUs. Another option for getting an education in pain management is to select one of the foundational MAT home-study courses, which also offer clear training and a bounty of CEUs.