Become an expert-level bodywork therapist with the Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) Training.

Relieve Pain and Create Lasting Results with the MMT Program

Massage professionals dedicated to providing long-term results in pain relief and optimal function need the skills and tools delivered in Dalton’s most advanced training program.  Effectively working with the musculoskeletal system requires an integrative approach addressing problems in the nervous, muscular and connective tissue systems simultaneously. Becoming an expert in this comprehensive modality allows bodyworkers to charge higher rates for higher quality services, while building lasting loyalty from their clients.

Benefits of MMT Certification

  • A personal profile on our website
  • Get fast-tracked to our “teachers-in-training” program
    with the approval of the President and Director of Education
  • Membership discount on bodywork products
  • Exclusive access to special technique videos and research articles
  • MATchat room to interact with instructors and other members
  • Gold sealed 11” x 14” Master Myoskeletal Therapist Diploma

Requirements to becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist

The entire certification requires 210 hours of MAT training. Hours are earned through a combination of home-study courses and workshops.

There are no prerequisites for any individual course. Courses can be taken in any order, even starting with a Master MAT Course.

Complete the Foundational MAT Certification Courses

  • Lower Body MAT Course (32 Hours)
  • Upper Body MAT Course with bonus ethics course (22 Hours)
  • Posture, Pain, Performance MAT Course (20 Hours)
  • Professional Ethics Course (6 Hours)

Complete the Master MAT Courses

  • Shoulder, Arm & Hand MAT Course (16 Hours)
  • Technique Tour MAT Course (16 Hours)
  • Treating Trapped Nerves MAT Course (16 Hours)
  • Motion is Lotion (16 Hours) 
  • Art of MAT Course (16 Hours) 

All Master MAT Courses are now available as eCourses… fully online
For a list of all eCourses please visit  HERE

Attend MAT workshops

  • 50 Hours of live training workshops with our expert instructors
  • At least one workshop must be with founder Erik Dalton

Click HERE for a complete listing of all Myoskeletal Workshops

Keeping Your MMT Certification

Keeping your certification active is easily done by participating in 8 hours of MAT online or workshop trainings every 24 months.

Please keep in mind that MMT Certification does not replace licensing with your state bodywork licensing agency.

Begin your new career path now by enrolling in one of our home-study programs. Master your craft, distinguish yourself above the rest, and earn more money!


Save money and complete the Foundational MAT Certification

Complete Foundational Bundle – 80 CE Hours 

Take each test from your computer whenever you want, or fill each one out when you’re ready, and send it to our office for review.

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Complete Foundational Bundle – 80 CE Hours

Regularly priced at $1,157… Bundle and Save 25%