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Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) is a system of manual massage techniques and corrective physical exercises designed to rebalance the body and eliminate pain for good.

Utilizing the most advanced research in neuromuscular therapies and three decades of experience, creator Erik Dalton educates massage and bodywork therapists from around the world on the most effective strategies to correct patterns in the body that lead to pain and deterioration.

Clients who receive MAT therapy can experience total freedom from pain. Practitioners trained in MAT build loyal clienteles and lucrative businesses.

Online Training Programs to Advance Your Massage Career

Combining years of research, experience and refinement, our home study courses are the next best thing to a private apprenticeship with Dalton himself.  Professional video demonstrations, academic quality textbooks and supplemental manuals work together to give students a comprehensive education in everything MAT.

From, head-to-toe and general to specialized, we’ve developed systems for learning all the assessments, manual techniques and retraining exercises involved in MAT. Earn your CE credits for National and State Licensure while learning the most effective approach to lasting pain relief for your clients.

Start transforming your massage practice today!

Workshops Taught by Erik Dalton & MAT Trainers

Whether as an introduction to the technique or as a way to hone skills learned in online courses, our MAT workshops are a fantastic way to take your massage career to the next level. We’ve got several workshops happening around the country all year long, and even a few internationally. Plus, we always make sure to host them in beautiful places!

Workshops are a great way to build personal connections with the MAT tribe of smart and dedicated massage therapists and bodyworkers. Known for being fun, engaging and packed to the seams with detailed information, our workshops fill up fast… so don’t wait to register!


Here’s What Students Have to Say About Dalton’s MAT Trainings

  • “Loving what I do for a living! Continuing my personal education, I believe I have found the best method with your Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. I consider myself a medical professional and am looking forward to making a difference in my clients, rather than “just chasing the pain.” Thank you for sharing.” Carol McCorvie

    Carol McCorvie
  • “Dalton without a doubt raises the bar for massage therapists. This is the type of information we as a group need to learn if we really want to help those in pain.” James Moon

    James Moon
  • “This course was exactly what I needed to revive my interest in myoskeletal bodywork and application. I have recently transitioned into a clinical environment as a practitioner and have found the information invaluable. Thank you.” Shelby Wohleber

    Shelby Wohleber
  • “This was the best learning experience I ever had. The audiovisual and course material were excellent. I integrated it in my practice with good results. Working for 30 years hands-on and still learning. This was great!” Catharina Oberholzer

    Catharina Oberholzer
  • “I have been a massage therapist for over 14 years, and had become stagnant in my practice. Through the years I have taken many CE classes which were a complete waste of time.. his courses actually deliver. As soon as I received the material, I got started right away. I was amazed when my clients were getting great results. Thank you, Mr. Dalton for sparking a new, creative and remarkable passion in my practice.” Tracy D. Frazier, LMT

    Tracy D. Frazier, LMT
  • “It’s amazing how you developed these techniques that literally change the quality of life for people getting this treatment. My fibro client is raving about how much better she feels and told her doctor who wants to refer his other patients to me. The only problem I have with using these techniques in my practice is that I have a waiting list and I am booked solid.   Dorie Miller

    Dorie Miller

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2 days ago

Dalton Myoskeletal Therapy

It's spring time and some runners don't have the spring they need to prevent shin splint tendinopathies or peroneal nerve irritation disguising as true shin splints.

Here are a couple of my favorite techniques taken from our 2015 Oklahoma City workshop. Pls click this link to view the technique video....thanks! daltonmyoskeletalvideos.com/myoskeletal-shin-splint-techniques-for-runners-and-speed-walkers/
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Its spring time and some runners dont have the spring they need to prevent shin splint tendinopathies or peroneal nerve irritation disguising as true shin splints. 

Here are a couple of my favorite techniques taken from our 2015 Oklahoma City workshop. Pls click this link to view the technique video....thanks! http://daltonmyoskeletalvideos.com/myoskeletal-shin-splint-techniques-for-runners-and-speed-walkers/

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It works great when the client can relax enough to allow it. I see a lot of people that once I bend the leg, they resist everything.

I'm speaking at our runner's and walker's club in a couple weeks. Definitely sharing with them.

The athletes running in IRONMAN 70.3 Florida will have access to practitioners doing this work!

Nichole Shonka simple massage maybe Adam can do to you? Or me on the plinth in the gym 😂

I will be trying that with my high school track athletes tomorrow who have terrible shin splints every year

Always adore anything like this

This is excellent 👌 thanks Erik!

Thank you Erik Dalton!!!

Angela Sam Samuel Alyssa Vickie, good video.

Bruce Peck

Matt Wilkinson Amaia Moore

Keri Sweeney

Roberto Perata

Derek Lucien

Rick Hall

Lisa A Puryear

Joe O'Riordan

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The director of the Rolf Institute concluded our commencement speech with a statement that has baffled me for years: “Dr. Rolf encourages you to work toward mastery but to know that you will not truly be Rolfing until you’ve been in full-time practice for five years.” Although no one interrupted to ask what we would be doing during those early years as Rolfers, an uneasy vibe engulfed the room.

The ulnar is the most exposed of all nerves and ranks second only to the median nerve (carpal tunnel syndrome) as an arm and hand pain generator. Irritation of the ulnar nerve can present as tingling, pain and numbness in the pinky and ring fingers sometimes in a shocking way as the flexed elbow strikes an object compressing it against bone.