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Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT® ) is a unique hands-on bodywork system designed to restore function, relieve pain, rebalance, and reeducate the body. Perfect for massage, sports, and corrective exercise therapists, MAT training will take your practice to an exciting new level.

Online Training Programs to Advance Your Massage Career

Combining years of research, experience and refinement, our home study courses are the next best thing to a private apprenticeship with Dalton himself.  Professional video demonstrations, academic quality textbooks and supplemental manuals work together to give students a comprehensive education in everything MAT.

From, head-to-toe and general to specialized, we’ve developed systems for learning all the assessments, manual techniques and retraining exercises involved in MAT. Earn your CE credits for National and State Licensure while learning the most effective approach to lasting pain relief for your clients.

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where we treat real clients with real problems!

Workshops Taught by Erik Dalton & MAT Trainers

Whether as an introduction to the technique or as a way to hone skills learned in online courses, our MAT workshops are a fantastic way to take your massage career to the next level. We’ve got several workshops happening around the country all year long, and even a few internationally. Plus, we always make sure to host them in beautiful places!

Workshops are a great way to build personal connections with the MAT tribe of smart and dedicated massage therapists and bodyworkers. Known for being fun, engaging and packed to the seams with detailed information, our workshops fill up fast… so don’t wait to register!

Here’s What Students Have to Say About Dalton’s MAT Trainings

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