Dalton myoskeletal alignment techniques

a unique hands-on bodywork system designed to restore function, relieve pain, rebalance, and reeducate the body


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Learn Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques from the convenience of your home with cutting edge eCourses and home study programs. 

MAT courses are approved for CE credits by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB), as well as many state regulatory boards.

MAT at Indiana State University

Indiana State University and my Freedom From Pain Institute have partnered to create the only minor degree in massage therapy offered by a major United States university. The program is attracting a variety of health professionals including massage, physical and occupational therapists. To elevate the status and continued growth of the Indiana State University program, the Freedom From Pain Institute finances an ongoing continuing education scholarship grant to help fund qualified and passionate students of physical medicine. 



 Learn the latest advancements in MAT technology, all while taking a break from your routine in unique settings, in North America, Central America and Europe. These workshops will immediately revolutionize your massage practice. 


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Allison B.
Allison B.
I recently took a continued education course on Treating Trapped Nerves with Dr. Erik Dalton. I have to admit I was already looking up Youtube videos on this topic as I suffered from an ulnar nerve entrapment, and then later a Baxster's nerve entrapment. I was hooked with nerve gliding/flossing instantly! I already helped a couple clients with ulnar nerve entrapment as well! I love that the course has a manual I can print out and use with my clients. I also love that they have some home exercises do also. Well worth the money I spent!
Khozarh S.
Khozarh S.
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Lebza L.
Lebza L.
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Rob W.
Rob W.
This course is an excellent course with easy to apply techniques that will improve your practice instantly.
Yelitza L.
Yelitza L.
Bõ Ñõ L.
Bõ Ñõ L.
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Jeannine C.
Jeannine C.
Posture, Pain and Performance! Excellent course with techniques to use for a lifetime! A must do for all therapist
Alma I.
Alma I.
I was at OKC 2023 workshop, and it was so much fun. I've been applying these techniques for years. I always leave one of the many workshops I've taken with new knowledge. This has increased my own practice in so many ways. My clients absolutely love the help they receive. Thanks Erik Dalton for all you have done.
Carlos V.
Carlos V.
I finished shoulder, arm and hand pain techniques course!! I would def recommend it to anyone who wants to add some useful tools to their practice. I use these techniques all the time and get some great results!!! Keeps the guest coming or more!!!

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