Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques



This handsome 2nd edition of Erik Dalton’s classic Myoskeltal Alignment Techniques textbook has been revised and graphically enhanced with hundreds of techniques and colorful images. It preserves the integrity of Dalton’s original work and the work of his mentors, Ida Rolf, Philip Greenman and Vladimir Janda.

Designed for the working pain-management therapist, this comprehensive text incorporates deep-tissue, joint stretching and muscle energy techniques that are immediately applicable in any massage, chiropractic, sports medicine, or athletic training practice.


Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques


Upper Body Techniques

This 408 page 3rd edition of Erik Dalton’s very popular Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques textbook has a richer design, new techniques, and an enhanced reader-friendly format for the “in-the-trench” professionals who treat complex head, neck and thorax issues.

The new hardback also includes special contributions from:

  • Michael Koplen
  • Whitney Lowe
  • Til Luchau
  • Aaron Mattes
  • Thomas Myers
  • Toss Pope
  • James Waslaski
  • 5 new chapters by Erik Dalton

This text is a visual learner’s delight with over 300 vibrant 3-D anatomy illustrations, human dissection reproduction, and photos of Dalton performing each technique.


Dynamic Body


Lower Body Techniques

The Dynamic Body textbook seeks to reflect current understanding and knowledge from innovators and leaders in biomechanics, fascial anatomy, functional movement, and manipulative therapy. This hardcover book has over 400 full color pages, with 500 graphics and technique photos.

Chapters from Erik Dalton and contributing authors:

  • Judith Aston
  • Serge Gracovetsky
  • Robert Irvin
  • Gil Hedley
  • Jerry Hesch
  • Kai Hodeck
  • Craig Liebenson
  • Thomas
  • Til Luchau
  • Aaron Mattes
  • Tom Myers
  • Aline Newton
  • Divo G. Muller
  • Art Riggs
  • Robert Schleip
  • James Waslaski
  • Adjo Zorn