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Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Textbook
2nd edition

Posture - Pain - Performance

The Freedom From Pain Institute announces the much-anticipated release of the second edition of Erik Dalton's classic Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. Revised and graphically enhanced, the new hardcover Pain, Posture and Performance edition preserves the integrity of Dalton's original work and the work of his mentors, Ida Rolf, Philip Greenman and Vladimir Janda.

Designed for working pain-management therapists, this comprehensive text incorporates deep-tissue, joint-stretching and muscle-energy techniques immediately applicable in any massage, chiropractic or sports-medicine practice.

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  • Hardcover
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Dynamic Body™

Exploring Form, Expanding Function

“The Dynamic Body textbook seeks to reflect current understanding and knowledge from innovators and leaders in biomechanics, fascial anatomy, functional movement, and manipulative therapy. Their work has invoked a renewed passion for an integrated clinical model that reinforces the inherent partnership of human structure and function. Working closely with individuals of this caliber over the years has been my reward.”

Erik Dalton

Erik Dalton . . . with contributing authors:

Judith Aston • Craig Liebenson • Divo G. Muller
• Serge Gracovetsky Til Luchau Art Riggs
• Robert Irvin • Aaron Mattes • Robert Schleip
Gil Hedley • Tom Myers James Waslaski
• Jerry Hesch • Aline Newton • Adjo Zorn
• Kai Hodeck Erik Dalton - Golf

Only $99.00!

NEW… Revised 3rd Edition

Erik Dalton Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Textbook™

Energize Your Practice—Enhance Your Skills
—Empower Your Clients

We’re delighted to introduce the 3rd edition of our very popular Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques (AMT) textbook. This upgraded 408-page hardcover text sports a richer design, new techniques, and an enhanced reader-friendly format for “in-the-trench” professionals who treat complex head, neck and thorax issues.

The new hardback also includes special contributions from:

  • Michael Koplen
  • Whitney Lowe
  • Til Luchau
  • Aaron Mattes
  • Thomas Myers
  • Ross Pope
  • James Waslaski, and
  • 5 new chapters by Erik Dalton

This book leaves the practitioner with a simple, step-by-step formula for correcting head, neck, visceral, and chronic back pain. Over three hundred vibrant 3-D anatomy illustrations, human dissection reproductions, and photos of Dalton performing each technique grace this collection of works…a visual learner’s delight!

Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Textbook $99.00

"Erik Dalton’s new Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques book will revolutionize your approach to treating complex pain and injury conditions. In my 25 years in the manual therapy field, Dalton’s text stands out as one of the most informative and well-written books I have had the pleasure of reading. This colorfully illustrated user-friendly text successfully uses a blend of original, practice-building massage techniques that will enhance any sports medicine, structural integration or medical massage practice. If you can read only one pain management book, this would be my recommendation…once started, you won’t be able to put it down."

James Waslaski
Author & International Pain Management Lecturer

"Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques presents many years of examining and studying and defining what myoskeletal techniques are. Examples include "Stretching," "Adverse Neural Tension," "Evolution of Human Touch," "The Common Compensatory Pattern: Its Origin and Relationship to the Postural Model," "The Dirty Dozen," "Beat Pain at its Own Game," and "Minutes, Myofascia and Maintenance." In some books, you can skip reading the foreword and introduction. Please do not do this here. Everything in this book is worthwhile. The main topic of the book is pain. He explains what causes pain, describes ways to improve the situation, and illustrates and lists what massage therapists can do to relieve the source of the problem of pain."

Massage Today

"This Advanced Myoskeletal book is a great boon of reading; you will enjoy an encapsulated version of this distinguished practitioner’s many years of study, practice, teaching, and reflection about his own work."

Robert Calvert
founder, Massage Magazine®

"I highly recommend Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Techniques to all my students. It helps them handle frustrating neck and low back challenges they see in the workplace every day.”

Jim Asher
Advanced Rolfing® Instructor, Rolf Institute®