Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Tour Workshop
with Aubrey Gowing

Based on the foundational work of Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, this workshop – ‘Myoskeletal Techniques Tour’ will allow you to incorporate new, exciting and effective deep tissue, joint mobilisation, and myofascial techniques into your existing skill set. Learn techniques to treat bones and their joints as you would other tissues, using the bones as leavers to mobilize soft tissues. This Joint mobilizing aspect is often the missing key in therapy sessions that can quickly unlock chronic pain conditions.

You will learn practical and effective approaches for finding and treating chronic pain problems. Our goal is to enhance your skills, improve your results, and build your practice.


In this 2-day workshop
Aubrey will teach assessment and treatment for the following conditions:
• Upper Cross Syndromes
• Dowager’s Hump
• Hyperkyphosis & Flat Spots
• Restoring Lumbar Curve
• Facet Opening for Low Back Pain
• Simplifying Scoliosis
• Pec Release – Reposition Scapula
• Mobilize the Sternoclavicular & Acromioclavicular joints
• O-A Release & Alternate O-A Release
• Upper Cervical Atlas-Axis
• Neck Flexion Test & Treat
• Anterior Scalene Technique
• Treating TMJ Pain

Upgrade your skills, increase referrals and elevate your clients to a new state of health…the Myoskeletal Way!!!


Freedom From Pain Institute® is approved by NCBTMB (#157429-00), Florida Board of Health (50-790), BOC (Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers) AMTA, ABMP, and most State massage certifying agencies.

Holistic College Dublin, Unit 5, 14 Main Street, Swords, County Dublin K67 X2C8

Hotel / B&B Reservations:

Please email for a list of accommodation in the area.
Workshop Time:
10am – 6 pm (Sign in starts at 9:30 am on Saturday). Please bring a pen and note paper, 2 Pillows with Pillow Cases, 2 Towels, and a pair of shorts.
Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended e.g. polo top/t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms/leggings and trainers are ideal (massage tables are provided).
Contact: Aubrey Gowing +353 86 863 1989 or

Day 1: Workshop and techniques overview including information from Erik Dalton’s “Dalton Techniques Tour” manual and DVD set. Each session will start with an anatomy review, video and power point presentation explaining Assessment, Application and Goal of each technique, followed by a demonstration and hands-on practice. Techniques covered on day 1 include: Back: Mobilise Lumbar fascia, Restoring Lumbar Curve, Flat back move, Hyper-kyphosis, Mobilise facet joints, Flat Spots in the Thoracic spine, Pec Release, Dowagers Hump, Rhomboids, Traps & Rotator Cuff, Simplifying Scoliosis

Day 2: Upper Crossed Posture Corrections:
Release Trapz, Pecs & Lats
Assess the SC & AC Joints. Neck Supine: Occipito-Atlantal Release, Atlas-Axis release, Neck Flexion Test, Treat SCM & Scalenes. Treating TMJ Pain: Myofascial release of masseter & pterygoids


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Seminar Cancellation Policy: This Myoskeletal workshop will honor a 100% refund from the time of cancellation 30 days prior to the event. After 30 days, there will be NO REFUNDS granted. However, a 50% transfer credit to any future Myoskeletal Alignment Workshop will be honored, for up to 1 year of original, registered workshop. The value of the original, registered workshop will be applied for transfer credit. Price of workshop is subject to change. After 1 year, there will be NO TRANSFER CREDIT applied.

Directors: Aubrey Gowing and Alison Kavanagh. Holistic College Dublin Limited Registered office: 14 Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin. Registered number: 485442 Telephone: +353 1 895 6337