Dublin, Ireland

November 18-20, 2022

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Dublin, Ireland November 18-20,2022

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques for the Pelvis & Lower Extremities

Myoskeletal Workshop with Aubrey Gowing 

Therapists can attend in person. CE’s awarded for live workshop qualifications through NCBTMB, Florida Board of Massage Therapy, and most state certifying agencies!   Successful completion of this 24 CE  approved workshop will also count toward completion of our Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) program.

Workshop Description:

In this very special Pelvis and Lower Extremities seminar, you will learn practical and effective approaches for finding and treating chronic back, hip and knee pain problems.

The Myoskeletal pelvis and leg techniques pioneered by renowned manual therapy innovator Erik Dalton combine soft tissue and joint stretching routines that positively impact the brain’s sensory receptor system. By downgrading noxious input to the central nervous system, the client experiences less protective muscle guarding, reduced stress, and enhanced pain relief. Aubrey will add his unique perspective by providing participants with an “easy to grasp” formula for assessing and treating common conditions such as frozen hip and pelvic and tibial torsion patterns.

This 24 CE seminar includes techniques and treatment sequences for:

The Ankle:

  • Soleus and tibialis posterior
  • Assess and mobilise the fibula
  • Talus assessment and correction
  • Decompress the tarsals
  • Bunion correction

The Knee:

  • Assess for tibial rotation
  • Assess patella tracking
  • Myofascial techniques for the Quads
  • Myofascial techniques for Adductors
  • IT band release
  • De-rotating the tibia

The Hip:

  • G-Max activation
  • Hip capsule mobilization
  • Lower crossed posture corrections

The Pelvis:

  • Palpate the ASIS
  • Iliosacral alignment
  • Sacroiliac torsion treatment
  • Iliac up-slip correction
  • Sacral base decompression
  • Erik Daltons ‘jelly roll’
  • Spring technique for the sacrum.

Presentations include some of the most advanced anatomy 3D imaging from 3D4 Medical to enhance your learning!

Add these dynamic techniques to your skill set to enhance results and increase referrals. Upgrade your skills, increase referrals and elevate your clients to a new state of health… the Myoskeletal Way!

Aubrey Gowing


Aubrey Gowing is the owner of Orthopaedic Sports Therapy Clinic and a college director at Holistic College Dublin. His 29 years clinical experience and 24 years teaching experience, enables him to bring high standards of professionalism and expertise to both his clinical practice and the delivery of training programs.

Aubrey Gowing
Holistic College Dublin Limited
14 Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin.
Registered number: 485442
Telephone: +353 1 895 6337
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This course is recognized by the Complementary Health Professionals in the UK and by the Irish Massage Therapists Association in Ireland for CPD points. This workshop is recognized as live workshop hours for completion of the Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) program.


Holistic College Dublin
14 Main St, Townparks, Swords, Co.
Dublin, K67 X2C8


Workshop Time: 9am – 6 pm 


  • A minimum of a level 3 or foundation level massage qualification is a prerequisite for participation in this course.

Questions? Contact:
Aubrey Gowing
Holistic College Dublin Limited
14 Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin.
Registered number: 485442
Telephone: +353 1 895 6337
Email: [email protected]


Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth. Politically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), which covers five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.


Please bring a pen and notepaper, a pillowcase, a towel, and a pair of shorts. Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended e.g. polo top/t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms/leggings and trainers are ideal. A minimum of a level 3 massage qualification and evidence of insurance is a prerequisite for participation in this course.


In the event you need to cancel, we will give you a transfer credit for the amount paid. This credit can be applied to any future Myoskeletal workshop with the same educator for up to one year following the original workshop date.