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Educational & instructional posters for reference in your office

Dirty Dozen Poster

One of the most common causes of pain in the body arises from a postural pattern named the “Upper Cross Syndrome” by Vladimir Janda. Involving several muscle groups in the neck, shoulders, and upper back, this condition is a likely source of discomfort for many of your massage clients.

The prevalence of the Upper Crossed Syndrome inspired Dalton to develop a simple and highly effective set of manual therapy maneuvers, the “Dirty Dozen,” to begin correcting the misalignment and decrease the discomfort it causes. Each of these maneuvers is illustrated on the Dirty Dozen Poster for easy reference while working with a client.

The information contained in this poster is a valuable reference that can be utilized over and over to help relieve chronic neck, scapula and rib pain. You will receive a 24″ x 36″ laminated wall poster. It’s a perfect complement to the Dalton Technique Tour MAT Course.

Flexion & 42 Pound Head: Two Poster Set

Flexion Addiction
Hours of sitting at a computer or behind the wheel of a car have made our society a flection-addicted society. The unnatural skeletal alignment causes chronic muscle tension and nerve impingement around joints. Help clients learn how to heal from their flexion addiction with the instructional images and text on the “Flexion Addiction” poster. Understanding the importance of manual therapy and correct movement encourages clients to come back, as well as to make important changes in their posture at work and home.

42 Pound Head
A common symptom of Flexion Addiction is the Forward Head Posture. The position of the neck in this dysfunctional posture causes the strain on supporting muscles to increase at up to 10lbs for every inch. This causes serious risk for nerve pain and neck injury. With the illustrated information on this poster, manual therapists are able to teach clients the importance of taking action to correct a Forward Head, improving their loyalty to you and promoting lifelong freedom from pain.

This set includes both laminated posters, each 18″ x 24”. It’s an excellent addition to the Posture, Pain, Performance Foundational MAT Course.