Indiana State University Scholarship Program

The only university in the USA offering a minor degree in Massage Therapy now Incorporates MAT techniques as a key component

Indiana State University Massage Therapy Program

The successful collaboration between Indiana State University and my Freedom From Pain Institute began in 2012 and was aptly named the “Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy” program. This partnership has resulted in the only minor degree in massage therapy offered by a major United States university. The program is attracting a variety of health professionals including massage, physical and occupational therapists. 

To elevate the status and continued growth of the Indiana State University program, the Freedom From Pain Institute is in the process of financing an ongoing continuing education scholarship grant to help fund qualified and passionate students of physical medicine. 

about the Program

Learn about the Massage Therapy course at Indiana State University which uses Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques as the basis of it’s program.  

The Scholarship Fund

 The intent of The Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Endowed Scholarship is to provide scholarships to students passionate about Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and pursuing a minor in Massage Therapy in the College of Health and Human Services. 

We need your help

We need your help to support university level massage education and the students that are pursuing that path. Consider donating to the scholarship fund. Any amount helps. 

As a thank you, all donors will be publicly acknowledged on the Erik Dalton blog and in the Techniques Tuesday newsletter. (Donation amount will not be disclosed). 

2023 Scholarship recipients : Alexis Fears, Giovonni Garrett, Kathryn Tritle and Nick Anzelone

Alexis Fears

I’m Alexis Fears, I am majoring in Applied Medicine with Pre-PA (Physician Assistant) along with a minor in massage therapy. Following graduation next spring, I plan on attending a graduate PA program and then pursuing a career as a PA. I have really enjoyed the massage therapy program at ISU. In the short term, I would like to take my mblex at the end of this semester and then work at a place like Massage Envy throughout the summer.  Thank you Erik Dalton for your generosity in providing this scholarship. I am grateful for all of your support in our program!

Giovonni Garrett

I am a current senior at ISU, majoring in Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation. I have plans to continue my education and pursue my masters to become a licensed Athletic Trainer. Being a part of the AMMT minor at ISU has further expanded my knowledge of the human body. I learned how to manipulate and correct muscles to better help my patients. This class was the most fun and enthusiastic class I have ever been in. Thanks to Erik Dalton for providing this opportunity for me and the university!

Kathryn Tritle

I am an Applied Medicine major with a focus on the Pre-Physician Assistant route. I am incredibly grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship. Being able to work on a real body has allowed me to put textbook learning into practice and develop an understanding of the body and muscles on a deeper level. Thank you again Erik Dalton for all the support you give to the students in the massage therapy program at ISU. It truly means so much!

Nick Anzelone

I’m Nick Anzelone. I am an Applied Medicine major with a minor in Spanish. 

The skills I am learning from the massage therapy program at ISU have been valuable tools that I have already started to use in my practice as a CPT and a stretch provider.  I plan on pursuing studies in Physical Therapy and have applied to start DPT school next year.

Learning from Erik Dalton has been a great privilege. I am grateful to have MAT as a resource to support me in my career moving forward. Thank you again! 

2022 Scholarship recipients : Hunter Morrison and Kelsey Bowlds

Kelsey Bowlds

Kelsey is a junior with a double major in Massage Therapy minor and Applied Medicine. She is a member of the Track and Field team at Indiana State University. She is on track to attend graduate school and become a physical therapist. She says “Earning my massage therapy minor here at ISU has easily become my favorite part of my undergraduate curriculum!”

Hunter Morrison

Hunter is from Terre Haute, Indiana. He is currently a Junior majoring in Applied Medicine with a concentration in Pre-Physician Assistance and a minor in Massage Therapy. With this major and minor he would like to one day be a practicing Physician Assistant in family or sports medicine.

2021 Scholarship recipient : Taylor Gephart

Taylor Gephart

Taylor is a senior at Indiana State University majoring in Applied Medicine with a minor in Massage Therapy. This scholarship allows her to continue her education at Indiana State University, as well as find more opportunities to reach her dreams of  becoming a doctor of physical therapy.

2020 Scholarship recipient: Heidi Zeigler

Heidi Zeigler

Heidi is a senior at Indiana State University majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Massage Therapy. This scholarship allows her to continue her education at ISU, as well as to find more opportunities to reach her dreams of becoming a massage therapist and a professional in the field of kinesiology, recreation and sport.

2019 Scholarship recipients: Reagan Walther and Morgan Wright

Reagan Walther

Reagan is from a small town in Indiana and is excited to be able to use Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques she learned in the university’s massage program with athletes. 

Morgan Wright

Morgan is thrilled to be one of the first students to receive the Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Scholarship. it has allowed her to pursue my dream of becoming a massage therapist and to bring massage therapy to the people in her home town community.

Dr. John Pommier presents Erik with Endowment Appreciation award.

Charlie Pebbles, Director of Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Program with Erik and John

Charlie Peebles, Laura Boozer, Ronda Bennet, Erik Dalton and Kim Miller following presentation.

Scoliosis demonstation with Bethany… Adams Test

Assessing Bethany’s anatomical landmarks

Standing scoliosis assessment

Testing Bethany’s rotational capacity

Rib springing technique for functional scoliosis

Table treatment for right thoracic scoliosis

Congratulations to Reagan Walther on her 2019 Award of Excellence scholarship 

Congratulations fot Morgan Wright on her 2019 Award of Excellence Scholorship 

Erik with his Distinguished  Presenter Award from the Applied Medicine & Rehabilitation Department of Indiana State University