DVD Technique Sets

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique DVDs

Education right in your own home!

Self-study with these instructional DVDs is perfect for the massage therapist who doesn’t need to take a Continuing Education Course, or who simply wants an introduction to MAT. Review the videos as many times as you need to learn new techniques that adrenalize your massage practice.

Note: Videos are included in the associated Home Study courses with your choice of DVDs or USBs. 


Posture Pain Performance DVD Set: 3 DVDs

This is an excellent choice for learning a comprehensive set of skills working with common problems in the body core. The MAT techniques contained here emphasize the neck and lower back, two regions of the body frequently plagued by pain. Learn to address postural problems and mobility issues using a combination of foundational MAT maneuvers and a simplified assessment formula.

The content in these DVDs will help address pain associated with neck cricks, rib fixations, dowager’s humps, scoliosis, forward head and exaggerated lordosis. Sports massage therapists working with athletes will be especially pleased as they are able to help their athletes achieve peak performance using these techniques. This course is specially designed to deliver immediate tools for bodyworkers who are already in practice.


With specific focus on approaches to work with the shoulder girdle, arms, neck and torso, these DVDS prepare manual therapists to help relieve painful myoskeletalissues in the upper body. Through video demos and animation, you’ll learn to identify several common compensatory movement patterns and their associated reflexogenic pain. With this understanding of where the true source of problems arise, bodyworkers are able to develop highly effective treatment protocols and deliver lasting results.

The manual therapy tools in this DVD set showcases Dalton’s “Dirty Dozen,” twelve key MAT routines to correct postural Upper Crossed Syndrome. Also featured are various receptor techniques and other approaches that can be utilized to address whiplash, migraines, scoliosis, and dural drag.

Dynamic Lower BODY DVD Set: 6 DVDs

Whether standing or sitting, we use the lower body continuously throughout each day. Pain and misalignment in the lower back, pelvis, legs and feet therefore have significant impact on the entire body. With the in-depth knowledge of myoskeletal anatomy and function delivered in this package, massage therapists are able to approach their work with a new level of expertise. Rather than treating superficial problem areas, the video here teaches how to pinpoint underlying compensatory kinks that initiate the pain-spasm-pain cycle, as well as to create a protocol for resolving the problem.

Using techniques such as deep tissue, joint stretching and myofascial mobilization, bodywork therapists can better treat plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, sciatica, functional scoliosis, shin splints, and referred pain from lower back spasticity.

Shoulder, Arm & Hand DVD Set: 3 DVDs

The human shoulders and arms are comprised of several intricate, interlocking myoskeletal structures. With complex joints and vital nerve and arterial plexuses, problems here can cause a lot of pain for clients and a lot of frustration for bodyworkers. The advanced explanation of anatomy, functionality, and treatment methodologies in this set of DVDs empowers massage therapists to reach a new level of professional service addressing the upper appendages. Incorporating 65 sports therapy, structural integration and pain management techniques, the maneuvers in this set will help relieve chronic muscles spasms caused by limited mobility and joint blockages.

The methodical approach covered in this program enables bodyworkers to conduct focused sessions, delivering positive results for problems including: frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff impingement, tennis and golfer’s elbow, as well as painful wrist and hand conditions.

Technique Tour DVD Set: 3 DVDs

This set in another great choice for manual therapists looking for a foundational overview of Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques for the entire body. A comprehensive guide to treating several of the most common client complaints, this set features Dalton demonstrating transformational deep tissue, joint stretching and muscle balancing routines that bring lasting results. With extra 3-D animation and illustration, both the causes of dysfunction and how to correct them are clearly explained.

Bodyworkers looking to incorporate fundamental MAT into their practice for more effective sessions will be able to utilize this knowledge immediately. The information in this set leaves practitioners better prepared to help clients with tight hamstrings, crossed posture, functional scoliosis, foot and knee pain, and more.

Motion Is Lotion DVD Set: 3 DVDs

Over time, it is common for tension, trauma and poor posture to cause the brain to stiffen the body’s musculofascial system resulting in limited mobility, protective muscle guarding, and loss of coordinated movement. In this highly educational series, Erik Dalton teams up with senior MAT teacher Paul Kelly to present how to integrate manual myoskeletal techniques with corrective movement exercises. The combination of bodywork and intentional muscular retraining can reverse these painful patterns in connective tissue and muscles, bringing relief and restoring optimal movement.

The content in this package teaches massage therapists how to lubricate stuck fascial layers, restore motion in adhesive joint capsules, and promote healing in injured ligaments. Bodyworkers are able to elevate the value of their services by teaching clients specific at-home exercises to further enhance the efficacy of each bodywork session.

Art of MAT DVD Set: 3 DVDs

Take an inside look at Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques in action as you watch Erik Dalton and senior trainer Paul Kelly treat real people with real problems. We all know how frustrating it is when clients come in time after time showing little or no improvement. Yet many of the conditions that clients bring in are chronic and complex making it difficult to get favorable outcomes with the limited information we’ve learned in massage school.

In this DVD program, we rounded up some real people with very real problems so we could show you how to quickly identify the main event causing their dysfunctions and a step-by-step protocol for guiding them back to a pain-free life.

Essential MAT Assessments DVD Set: 3 DVDs

What sets the exceptional therapist apart from the crowd is the ability to get at the source of their client’s problem. The only way to do this is through a thorough and systematic assessment. Now for the first time, Erik Dalton has compiled 130 of his most important assessment techniques into one comprehensive learning experience.

Learn how to perform essential orthopedic and osteopathic tests, as well as anatomic landmark exams to get to the bottom of your client’s pain complaint. You’ll also learn how to do a variety of simple neurological tests to determine if your client’s problem is musculoskeletal or neurological. The 130 assessment techniques are grouped under 45 assessment goals for easy reference, ex. “Goal: Assessing for knee dysfunction”.

Myoskeletal Mobilization Massage Set: Two DVDs

In this program Erik Dalton takes you on a step-by-step journey through a full body routine that he uses almost daily in his practice. This course came about as the result of requests to expand on the popular Myoskeletal Spa Massage program. In this expanded program Erik includes additional techniques and a whole new section on what he refers to as Bench Work; massage done in a seated position. There are four sections: Prone, Sidelying, Supine, and Bench Work.  The techniques included in the Bench Work section offer alternate (and sometimes better) approaches for assessing and correcting soft tissue and bony restrictions in clients with neck, rotator cuff, ribcage and low back pain.

You may use these techniques in a relaxation massage and also as an efficient and effective method for assessing and correcting flexibility mobility issues we see every day in our practices. Follow Erik along through this routine and you’ll learn lots of tips on proper body mechanics to add power and control to your hands-on work and to protect your body from injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff strain.