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Learn 65 of Erik Dalton’s most effective Myoskeletal techniques for addressing common strain and compensation patterns in the shoulder, arm and hand. This course covers carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, elbow, and many other common conditions.

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This course outlines some of Erik Dalton’s favorite Myoskeletal techniques for addressing common strain and compensation patterns. This course covers carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, elbow, and many other common conditions of the shoulder, arm and hand.

The shoulder girdle is one of the more structurally complicated areas of the body, with several nerves running through the articulation of uniquely-shaped bones. The range of motion the body is capable of accomplishing from the shoulder is impressive. The range of injuries, nerve impingements, and chronic muscle spasms that can arise is daunting.

Using technique demonstrations, full-color illustrations, and academic explanation, the Shoulder, Arm & Hand MAT course covers everything you need to know to begin addressing pain in the shoulder, as well as related issues in the arms and hands. You’ll learn to address myoskeletal strain and compensation patterns with an integration of sports therapy, structural integration and pain management techniques.

The Shoulder, Arm & Hand Master MAT course is part of the Master MAT Certification requirements. With the knowledge of this course, you’ll help rid your clients of painful conditions that often lead to invasive treatments.

Expand your Practice with Myoskeletal Alignment

  • Immediately incorporate 65 unique and innovative deep tissue, nerve mobilization, joint stretching and graded exposure  techniques into your table treatments
  • Utilize Structural Integration maneuvers for increased coherence in muscle function
  • Release chronic muscle spasms by going to the source of the dysfunction
  • Learn step-by-step  assessments and corrections for tendinopathies and nerve entrapment syndromes

Earn Continuing Education for Bodywork Online or At Home

When you complete the test for this course, you will earn 16 CE hours for your bodywork licensure, recognized by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and most State Licensing Boards. You’ll also be listed on our website for earning the Shoulder, Arm and Hand Specialist Certification.

Upon registration, you’ll receive immediate access to all course material on our online learning platform. Study at your own pace for up to one full year before you take the online test. Once you pass the test, you’ll receive a certificate to submit for your license renewal, as well as to proudly display in your office.

All massage therapists who complete this course will be listed in our online directory of bodyworkers with MAT training.

Broaden your scope of practice to include advanced treatments for problems in the upper appendages with this detailed course.

Note: This is an online course. All components (videos, course contents, downloadable manual) are available immediately after purchase in our eLearning platform. No physical products are included.