Includes 9 Home Study Courses – 160 non-expiring CEs

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Library of All Available Dalton Home Study Courses in One Package

  • Everything you need to complete the Foundational MAT Certification
  • Start the path to Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) Certification
  • Earn Continuing Education credits at your own pace
  • Save significantly over purchasing courses individually
  • Transform your massage practice with expert-level bodywork techniques

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9 Courses

160 CE Hours

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Earn your foundational MAT Certification & begin your MMT process

For bodyworkers invested in offering the highest level of professional service, we’ve packaged together every available MAT home study course with unbeatable savings. With a complete education in foundational and advanced myoskeletal bodywork skills, you’ll be able to address the full spectrum painful neuromuscular and myoskeletal issues for your clients.  

  • Learn how to incorporate postural and muscle responsivity assessments to identify the heart of pain and neuropathy patterns.
  • Design treatment plans that relieve discomfort and retrain the body for healthy movement.
  • Learn at your own pace, choosing which topics you want to start with according to the needs of your clients and your career goals.
  • Each course you complete earns you the respective Continuing Education hours and a course diploma. Take as long as you like to earn up to 128 CE hours for national and state licensing.
  • Establish yourself as an expert bodyworker in your community, able to provide lasting results without surgery or medication.

Dalton Library Bundle Includes All Our Professional Home Study Courses

Foundational Certification Courses

Posture.Pain.Performance MAT Course – 20 CEs

This course includes 3 DVDs and the fully revised and updated 2nd edition Posture, Pain, Performance textbook.This graphically enhanced, full-color edition integrates deep tissue, joint stretching, muscle energy techniques, new home retraining exercises, and more! Learn to identify the relationship between habitual body postures and chronic myoskeletal misalignment.

Upper Body MAT Course – 20 CEs with 2 bonus CE Ethics

This course comes with 2 DVDs and the Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Textbook. With beautiful graphics and step-by-step video demonstrations, you’ll understand functional anatomy of the upper body like never before. Help relieve painful shoulders, ribs and necks with techniques targeting the upper body.

Lower Body MAT Course – 32 CEs

Including 6 DVDs and Dalton’s detailed Dynamic Body textbook, this course is a comprehensive education on form and function of the lower body. You’ll learn to alleviate low back and referred pain, begin to correct short leg syndrome, lift fallen arches and more with detailed instructional text and video.

Professional Ethics MAT Course – 6 CEs (Included for Free!)

At some point in every massage career, professional bodyworkers are confronted with challenging client situations. That’s why every licensing agency requires bodyworkers regularly update their ethics education. Written with decades of experience on how to create and hold healthy boundaries and to protect oneself from possible legal issues, Dalton’s Professional Ethics manual covers essential information. This course enables you to bring more clarity and professionalism to your massage practice.

Master MAT Courses

The Art of MAT – 16CE

This set of 3 DVDs features Erik Dalton, Ph.D and Paul Kelly. In this final step in our Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) program, we rounded up some real people with very real problems so we could show you how to quickly identify the main event causing their dysfunctions and a step-by-step protocol for guiding them back to a pain-free life. Come with us as with marry the art and science of manual therapy through Art of MAT.

 Treating Trapped Nerves MAT Course  – 16 CEs

Few conditions are more acutely painful than a trapped nerve. This course includes 3 DVDs, colorful manual and supplemental reading booklet that will teach you exactly what to do to assess and begin relieving trapped nerves in the neck, back, and extremities. With a combination of joint stretching, soft tissue manipulation, and nerve mobilization, you’ll be able to confidently support clients on the path to recovering normal mobility.

Technique Tour MAT Course – 16 CE

The 3 DVDs, full-color technique manual and supplemental reading in this course will give you a solid foundation in MAT techniques that can be used in head-to-toe MAT sessions. Learn the assessments and treatment protocols that can be utilized with almost any client to begin treatment for common painful muscular and connective tissue conditions.  

Shoulder, Arm & Hand MAT Course – 16 CE

The complex anatomy and manual therapy of the shoulders and arms are carefully explained through the 3 DVDs, colorful manual and supplemental reading booklet in this course. You’ll be able to address specialized conditions in the shoulders and arms, including thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel syndromes, tennis and golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff injuries, and more.

Motion is Lotion MAT Course – 16CE

This set of 3 DVDs features Erik Dalton, Ph.D and Paul Kelly as they show you how to integrate manual therapy and corrective training home exercises to relieve pain patterns throughout the body. Learn how to restore a full range of motion by “lotioning up” restricted fascial layers, adhesive joint capsules and injured ligaments. Your clients will love this perfect mix of myoskeletal and functional movement therapies.

A Comprehensive Massage Education to Advance Your Practice

This library contains all the Home Study courses you will need toward your Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) Certification 

There’s simply no better way to receive the library of knowledge developed by master bodyworker Erik Dalton than with his complete set of home study courses. It’s as close as you can get to actually apprenticing with him for an extended period of time.

As soon as you complete your order, your study materials will be shipped. Pick your starting point and complete the non-expiring CE tests when you’re ready. With each test you pass, you’ll receive a diploma of completion to display in your office and submit for CE credit. You’ll also be listed in our online directory of bodyworkers with MAT training.

Your practice will improve the day you start. Don’t delay advancing your bodywork skills
any longer!