Massage therapists who want to develop their skills in treating more complex issues in the myoskeletal system need to further their training with the Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) courses. With advanced understanding of the integrated mind-body system, bodyworkers are able to offer a broader scope of services and provide even more effective results.
Students ready to further their skills with detailed understanding of the relationship between nerves and joints, the intricate structures in the neck and shoulders, and incorporating a variety of MAT maneuvers into a single session choose to take one of these courses. While students are able to take any course they want, and in any order, these MMT courses will refine your skills for specialized treatments.  

Address these Issues with the Foundational MAT Trainings

  • Impaired Joint Mobility
  • Referred Nerve Pain
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Compressed Nerves in the Spine
  • Imbalances in Muscle Firing & Recruitment
Each course earns CE credit recognized by the NCBTMB and most state licensing agencies. Study at your own pace, then take the online test to receive your MAT Specialist Certification for each course.

Master MAT Courses Include

Treating Trapped Nerves MAT Course—16 CEs

Including 3 DVDs, a colorful manual and a supplemental reading booklet, this course teaches how to approach painfully trapped nerves along the spine, shoulders and pelvis. Provide relief from numbness and referred pain in the extremities by directly treating the very source of the problems with gentle and effective techniques. In just a few sessions, you’ll have your clients back on the track to recovering normal mobility.


Technique Tour MAT Course—16 CEs

This course provides an overview of essential MAT techniques and how to integrate them together into a single session. With 3 DVDs, a full-color technique manual and supplemental reading, this course is great for learning how to provide integrated treatments.


Shoulder, Arm & Hand MAT Course—16 CEs

The shoulders, arms and hands have several unique and complicated structures. Their integrated function requires optimal balance, alignment, and freedom from fascial impingement. Everything you need to know for specialized treatment in the upper extremities is explained through the 3 DVDs, a colorful manual and supplemental reading booklet in this course. Use these techniques to relieve thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel syndromes, tennis and golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff injuries, and more.


Motion is Lotion MAT Course—16 CEs

Motion is Lotion Home-Study teaches massage therapists how to bring lubrication to adhesive tissues, restore motion to adhesive joint capsules, and promote healing in injured ligaments. Bodyworkers are able to elevate the value of their services by teaching clients specific at-home exercises to further enhance the efficacy of each bodywork session.


Art of MAT

Take an inside look at Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques in action as you watch Erik Dalton and senior trainer Paul Kelly treatreal people with real problems. This long awaited 16-CE course is the final step in your quest for Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT)© certification.


All courses in both the Master and Foundational Programs are required to complete your MMT Certification.
If you’ve already purchased any of the DVD sets and would like to upgrade to a Home Study Course, call 1-800-709-5054 to receive a 50% discount code.