Treating Trapped Nerves DVD Set



The pain caused by sciatic or radial nerve impingement can be excruciating for a client, and there’s nothing a massage therapist wants more than to be able to effectively provide relief. With specific nerve mobilization techniques developed on the research of influential physiotherapists, this DVD set equips bodyworkers with a powerhouse of skills for relieving painfully compressed nerves. With the ability to help restore unimpeded, full-range function for their clients, massage therapists utilizing these MAT techniques are able to build a loyal client base of repeat customers and referrals.

The neuromobilization maneuvers covered in these DVDs can be used to relieve pain caused by mechanical entrapment in the neck, thoracic outlet and sacroiliac. Conditions that can be treated include cubital tunnel, Guyon’s tunnel, carpal tunnel, peripheral numbness and motor weakness, sciatica, and low back pain.

3 DVD set