Posture Pain Performance Home Study


Take an in-depth look at the connection between pain, posture and function. If you are new to myoskeletal alignment techniques, this is the first foundational course you should take. You’ll learn how to create a plan for each session using a 5-minute intake evaluation and will learn innovative new hands-on skills including deep tissue, joint stretching, and nerve mobilization techniques. As a special bonus, you’ll also receive instant access to the online eCourse for free (reg. $269).

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Special bonus: When you order this home study package that comes with DVDs and manuals, you get instant access to the eCourse (reg. $269) for free!

Learn to identify & treat strain patterns before they become pain patterns! This course will teach you how to:

  • Create a plan for each session using a thorough 5-minute intake evaluation
  • Identify aberrant functional movements that cause protective muscle guarding
  • Talk to your clients about their pain and make them feel heard and safe
  • Upgrade your hands-on skills through a wide variety of deep tissue, joint stretching, and nerve mobilization techniques
  • Work as a team with your clients through corrective exercise homework
  • Earn 20 CE hours for State and National Licensure while providing hands-on tools you’ll use for years to come

Many clients seek therapeutic bodywork for unmanageable neck and low back pain caused by poor postural habits, loss of function and the inability to cope with their condition. As one of my mentors Vladimir Janda describes in his Upper & Lower-Crossed Syndrome model, poor posture can weaken important supporting muscles and tax others. As gravitational exposure degrades function, the client may notice that they no longer have the ability to rotate their head in all directions and that their low back hurts as they bend to pick up an object from the floor. Nerve impingement, strains and sprains alters normal muscle activation patterns and the brain “maps” the dysfunction as normal.

Earn Continuing Education for Bodywork

Completing this course earns you 20 CE hours and is recognized by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and most State Licensing Boards.

Upon purchase, you’ll be sent the Myoskeletal Alignment DVDs and textbook to study at home. Take as much time as you need to study and practice before taking the test. Once you pass the test, you’ll receive a handsome diploma and certificate of completion to submit for license renewal, as well as to proudly display in your office. You’ll also be listed in our online directory of bodyworkers with MAT training.

Take that first step now and join thousands of therapists who have upgraded their skills and entered the lucrative world of pain management through Myoskeletal Alignment training.

Special bonus! Order this home study program and you’ll get free and instant access to the Posture, Pain, Performance eCourse.