Motion Is Lotion DVD Set

Motion Is Lotion DVD Set




Over time, it is common for tension, trauma and poor posture to cause the brain to stiffen the body’s musculofascial system resulting in limited mobility, protective muscle guarding, and loss of coordinated movement. In this highly educational series, Erik Dalton teams up with senior MAT teacher Paul Kelly to present how to integrate manual myoskeletal techniques with corrective movement exercises. The combination of bodywork and intentional muscular retraining can reverse these painful patterns in connective tissue and muscles, bringing relief and restoring optimal movement.

The content in this package teaches massage therapists how to lubricate stuck fascial layers, restore motion in adhesive joint capsules, and promote healing in injured ligaments. Bodyworkers are able to elevate the value of their services by teaching clients specific at-home exercises to further enhance the efficacy of each bodywork session.

3 DVD set