Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Textbook


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Upper Body Techniques
Further developing the foundational knowledge laid out in his first textbook, Dalton dives deep into myoskeletal bodywork techniques for the head, neck and thorax. Detailed explanations on human anatomy and physiology cover the interlocking roles of the nervous system, muscle tissue and connective tissue. This detailed understanding of how the upper body works makes it easier to diagnose the source of chronic pain in the torso, neck, shoulder and arms. Dalton is able to illuminate not simply what to do to relieve pain for massage clients, but why.

Several guest authors contributed their powerful knowledge to this text, including Michael Koplen, Whitney Lowe, Til Luchau, Aaron Mattes, Thomas Myers, Toss Pope and James Waslaski.

Rich with 3-D anatomy illustrations, human dissection reproduction, and images demonstrating the techniques, the information in this textbook will advance the efficacy of any bodywork practice immediately.

  • Michael Koplen
  • Whitney Lowe
  • Til Luchau
  • Aaron Mattes
  • Thomas Myers
  • Toss Pope
  • James Waslaski
  • 5 new chapters by Erik Dalton

This text is a visual learner’s delight with over 300 vibrant 3-D anatomy illustrations, human dissection reproduction, and photos of Dalton performing each technique.

408 Pages

3rd Edition