Marcus Dungen

After retiring from a 20 year career in the U. S. Army, it was suddenly time for me to change my focus. Based upon my military career, I was most interested in giving back to the soldiers in some way. I enrolled and graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in 2007. Right away, I started searching on-line for new ways to fill my “toolbox” with techniques to provide pain relief to my clients. This is when I first found Erik Dalton. When I enrolled in the first home study workshop, I was hooked! The methods that he was teaching provided me with the necessary skills to pursue my dream. I worked as a solo practitioner for several years before landing a position in the Pain Clinic at a local military hospital. Utilizing the methods taught by Erik Dalton, I was able to help many soldiers who had been searching for a means to relieve their discomfort when, as a last resort before surgery, they were sent to me. Our Pain Clinic received numerous commendations for its cumulative work in decreasing opioid dependence overall among its soldiers. What a humbling experience. With my latest achievement of MMT, I am proud of my affiliation with Mr. Dalton’s training modules that I have participated in over the years and know that they have all aided me to become the professional therapist that I am today. A heart-felt thank you to Mr. Dalton and his staff for sharing this knowledge with me!

Marcus L. Dungen
Colorado Springs, Colorado


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