Advance your bodywork career with core techniques from MAT and save 25%

Core Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques for Head-to-Toe Treatment

Many massage practitioners want to move beyond providing basic relaxation to correcting and preventing long-term problems. This means it’s time to invest in training that teaches a more clinical approach to working with to pain. Dalton’s breakthrough Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques integrates decades of knowledge from visionary researchers and practitioners into a comprehensive system. His training teaches how to finds and corrects the true source of pain.

With the core training provided in the 80 Hour Foundational MAT courses, you’ll quickly become the go-to bodywork therapist in your community for pain management.

Complete Foundational Bundle – 80 CE Hours

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Here’s what you get in the Foundational Home Study Bundle…

Posture, Pain, Performance MAT Course—20 CE Hours

This 5-piece course includes 3 DVDs and the fully revised and updated 2nd edition Posture, Pain, Performance hardcover textbook. This graphically enhanced, full-color edition integrates deep tissue, joint stretching, nerve mobilization, muscle energy, and corrective exercises for a fully functioning body. Learn to identify the relationship between habitual body postures and chronic myoskeletal discomfort.

Upper Body MAT Course—20 CE Hours with 2 bonus Ethics CEs

This 5-piece course comes with 2 DVDs and the Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Textbook. With beautiful graphics and step-by-step video demonstrations, you’ll understand functional anatomy of the upper body like never before. Help relieve painful shoulders, ribs and necks with techniques targeting the upper body.

Lower Body MAT Course – 32 CE Hours

This powerhouse program includes 6 DVDs and Dalton’s highly-acclaimed Dynamic Body textbook making this 9-piece course a comprehensive education on lower body form, function and pain. Learn basic and advanced techniques to address low back and sciatic pain, hip impingement syndrome, runner’s knee, shin splints, rib dysfunction, and all kinds of foot and leg pain problems.

Professional Ethics MAT Course— 6 CE Hours

At some point in every massage career, professional bodyworkers are confronted with challenging client situations. That’s why every licensing agency requires bodyworkers regularly update their ethics education. Written with decades of experience on how to create and hold healthy boundaries and to protect oneself from possible legal issues, Dalton’s Professional Ethics manual covers essential information. This course enables you to bring more clarity and professionalism to your massage and bodywork practice.

Save 25% when you get the Foundational Course Bundle

Massage, sports and corrective exercise therapists who know what they want to provide a complete set of skills for treating head-to-toe pain often choose this Foundational Bundle.

Purchased together, the entire Foundational Bundle comes with significant savings over the cost of purchasing each course individually. Each of our four Foundational Courses can be completed in any order, and at any time. All continuing education credits are non-expiring, so you’ll be able to satisfy your licensure requirements for years to come.

MAT students who want to offer their clients top-of-the-line pain relief while restoring overall function often choose this Foundational Bundle. The 19-piece package includes DVDs, textbooks and supplemental manuals, together covering everything you need to know to address chronic myoskeletal pain and dysfunction from head-to-toe.

Elevate Your Game by Certifying with the Best

  • This Foundational Bundle is all you need to be listed on our website and on your office wall as a Posture & Pain Specialist, Upper Body Specialist, and Lower Body Specialist.
  • Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office
    Receive 80 Hours of non-expiring continuing education, recognized by NCBTMB and most state licensing agencies.
  • Save BIG over purchasing each course individually.
  • Learn non-invasive pain management techniques that may help clients avoid surgery and the use of medications.
  • Begin to correct years of postural and functional losses due to nerve entrapment, sensory motor amnesia, joint and soft tissue compression and protective muscle spasm. Educate clients on what they can do at home to continue the healing process.
  • Learn to talk to your clients about their pain and make them feel safe and heard.
    Expand your practice with a variety of techniques, including: muscle energy, joint stretching, neural mobilization, pain exposure therapy and sensorimotor retraining.