Meet some of our Master Myoskeletal Therapists (MMT)®

The Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification program we launched a couple months ago is going strong as therapists are completing the final requirements. We appreciate those therapists who are passionate about improving their skills and becoming highly effective at treating those “hard to treat” clients that come in their doors. And we appreciate hearing about their experiences. Here are what just a few therapists are saying about their Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification…

Thomasina Larkin
Enterprise, Ontario

“After teaching yoga, fitness classes and personal training for several years, I became a Registered Massage Therapist of Ontario in 2011. I feel like I’m really just at the start of my career and I am so grateful, honored and proud to be part of the MMT team. I heard about the program one year ago and it instantly clicked.
I enjoy upgrading my skills so I’ve taken a lot of courses, most of which gave me one or two techniques that I continue to use. The MMT program didn’t just add tools to my toolbox; it totally became my practice! It is so comprehensive, I feel comfortable approaching any complicated pain condition with MAT techniques to get the most effective and efficient results I’ve ever seen. 
I can honestly say that I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until I took this program. What an infusion of inspiration it has been! My MAT journey began at Erik’s workshop at the Canadian Massage Convention in October 2018 and then I attended his “Pain Management in Paradise Costa Rica Retreat” the following month. In January I did a mentorship program with Paul Kelly and then finished off my live hour requirements at the Houston seminar in March, where I received my MMT diploma!
Between October and March I studied for my MMT at least 20 hours a week. I would get up extra early to watch 45 minutes of videos, then each night I read Erik’s textbooks for a couple of hours. On the weekends I had friends over to practice new techniques and I immediately started performing them on clients. It was quickly evident that I was on a bright new path. I continue to study every day to keep picking up little nuances or recalling techniques from Erik’s extensive library. I’m so happy to be able to help more people get out of pain more quickly. Proud to be an MMT…!!!”   •   613-483-7102 (text or call)

Diane Pineault, MMT
Windsor, Ontario / Detroit, MI

“Originally from Mystic, Connecticut, I began my massage therapy career in 1990. At the time I was midway through a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the University of Connecticut. Instead of spending my time working on my master’s thesis I was otherwise distracted with my interest in holistic healing. Even though I had never had a massage (at the time I was a broke university student and massage therapy wasn’t as mainstream as it is today), I had a nightly dream with the message encouraging me to become a massage therapist (true story!!). While this made no sense to me at the time, I defied logic, listened to my intuition and followed my passion. While concurrently completing my master’s degree, I registered and subsequently attended massage school at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. On the first day of massage school I knew I had found my forever place with a career in massage therapy.

After graduating in 1991 with an M.P.A. from UConn and a certificate in massage therapy, I came to Canada for what I had originally thought a visit and I have since called Windsor, Ontario my home. In 1992, I established my international practice Healthy Connections, with its home office based in Windsor, Ontario.

I have studied extensively and incorporated various types of bodywork modalities into my therapy sessions. My clients include but are not limited to professional and world class athletes, those with chronic pain and post-operative and rehab conditions. All bodies and challenges are welcome!! Throughout my career I have been particularly intrigued with various forms of myofascial release and the interconnectivity of our human-ness including mind-body-emotional connections. My studies reflect this fascination.

I first started formally studying with Erik Dalton in 2014 at his Costa Rica Retreat. I was immediately impressed with Erik Dalton’s brilliance, the helpfulness and expertise of his instructors (TA’s), and the overall quality of the educational retreat/workshop experience. It is a unique experience to be with other therapist residentially for a week, providing casual time to exchange ideas and develop new friendships with others of like mind. I found the MAT workshop course material very well organized, extremely easy to follow, and complimentary of my other massage modalities. After attending 5 additional workshops, I was compelled to begin my MMT certification, knowing the treasures in these on-line and DVD courses would be invaluable.

The MMT training has definitely changed my perspective regarding online/DVD trainings. The program is engaging and filled with intriguing insights that caused me to contemplate and reevaluate my massage and treatment philosophies. I loved the combination of Erik Dalton’s MAT live training combined with the readings from his Dynamic Body textbook. As a well-trained and studied therapist, the MAT online trainings reinforced my current skill set while also encouraging me to view the body and my treatment approaches from additional perspectives.

The MMT certification process has defined a new lens to for me to view, assess, and treat the body and associated pain patterns.

Thanks to Erik Dalton and the entire staff at the Freedom From Pain Institute. With the MMT certification program, you have forever influenced our profession. I would consider the MMT program to be foundational in any massage therapist’s education and training. The information is current, clearly presented and immediately applicable. Erik Dalton (and the gang) you have gifted us your legacy!!”


Dawn Sheppard
Arlington, TX

You may now call me Master!
“About a month after obtaining my massage therapy license in 2012, I happened to attend an AMTA function a block away from where I worked. During the 3-hour meeting, James Waslaski gave an amazing presenting that inspired me to enroll in his 5-day intensive orthopedic massage class and this is where I learned of the work of Dr. D!

James spoke very highly of MAT and Erik Dalton. I spent some time practicing Waslaski’s orthopedic techniques and building my practice and in 2016 I attended my first Oklahoma City Myoskeletal seminar with Erik. During that 3-day event, I became so impressed with the biomechanics, pain science principles, and ease of application of the hands-on work that I purchased the entire MMT bundle.

I can’t express how much MAT has deepened my understanding of the human body and taught me how to better relate psychosocially with my clients. Everything just makes sense! The techniques are easy to integrate into any session and clients are so pleased that I’m doing something new that feels so good.”
Thanks James, Erik and Gang!!!

Tammy Shaw-Sykes
Minneapolis, MN

“My health & wellness journey began a few years after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis and other painful conditions. In 2009 I attended St Paul College for Massage Therapy and graduated in 2012 with AAS degrees in clinical sports massage and personal training in addition to becoming a certified yoga instructor. By 2012 I opened my own practice called “Shift Fitness and Massage.”

In 2015 at James Waslaski’s 5-day Orthopedic Intensive Training retreat, I was introduced to Erik Dalton’s work. The next year, I attended my first Myoskeletal Therapy workshop featuring Erik Dalton and special guest presenter, James Waslaski.

I loved Erik’s teaching style and during that weekend workshop, I decided to commit myself to completing my Master in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy and joining the Dalton Gang. I was so impressed with Erik and Paul Kelly’s commitment to continuing education and their sharing of the latest pain science research with their students. Erik and Paul have been combining manual therapy and exercise physiology for over 20 years and it is an amazing team to be a part of.

As a pain relief specialist, the education I’ve garnered through work on my Master Myoskeletal Therapist journey has definitely elevated my skill-set on many levels. My clients who include athletes, dancers, business people and the disabled have benefitted so much from these new pain management approaches. I so appreciate Erik Dalton’s commitment to advancing the massage and bodywork field. Getting my MMT is one of my greatest and proudest moments of my career. Thanks to Erik and all the Freedom From Pain Institute staff.”

Nathan Fay
Enfield, Connecticut

“When I gained my licensure, one of my instructors handed me a DVD; it was from Erik’s “Dynamic Body” course. I watched it and knew right away this was the key, however, I also knew I wanted to gain a few years of experience before diving into Erik’s work. I put my nose to the grindstone and began taking some live MAT classes to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist. As I began to implement my training, clients were getting better faster, and the referrals and word of mouth increased at an unbelievable rate. Erik’s Costa Rica Retreat was an incredible place to be awarded this MMT honor and I consider it the proudest moment in my 13 year career. Erik, Paul and his wonderful staff have made me a great therapist. Forever a student, I look forward to continuing this journey with the Freedom from Pain Institute.”

Debra Williams, LMT, MMT
Tyler, Texas

“I began my journey with Erik Dalton at his 2009 Costa Rica Retreat based on a recommendation from James Waslaski.   I attended Dallas, Texas and Baltimore, Maryland workshops, which encouraged me to “bite-the-bullet” and begin working through Erik’s “10 step” Master Myoskeletal Therapist program.

After completing all the home study courses, I attended Erik’s annual Oklahoma City workshop and Costa Rica two more times. Upon completion of last year’s Costa Rica class, I received my MMT diploma to a room full of cheering.

The MMT program offers high quality, well-organized and practical e-Learning courses that are easily understood and easy to apply in practice. I encourage any serious professional bodyworker to step up to the challenge and take your practice to the next level. One of the things I love about Erik Dalton is his never-ending passion for bringing the body back to homeostasis. He’s always researching and tweaking his MAT modality on this unique canvas we call the human body. I can’t thank you enough Erik Dalton for sharing your superior knowledge.”


Bernard Mamuyac, MMT
Port Saint Lucie, FL

I am a 30-year retired US Navy Persian Gulf Veteran and live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida where I work part time at Mobile Massage Therapistsand full time at the Jensen Beach Post Office. I have been providing exceptional care and rehabilitation to people of all ages and body types since 2007 specializing in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and sports injuries. 
I had been praying for the gift of healing and was lead to Erik Dalton’s work. I’ve been studying MAT courses and applying these exceptional therapeutic skills and in November 2018, I graduated as a Master Myoskeletal Therapist. I am so blessed and thank God for this answered prayer. Thanks to all the Dalton Gang for this life-changing adventure.

772-321-9185  •

Dee L. Hyde-Begany BS, MMT
Na’alehu, HI

“I received my BS from Oklahoma State University and continued post-graduate studies at Memphis State University and Southern College
of Ministry. I graduated, and was later an instructor, for the Massage Therapy Training Institute (MTTI). While establishing my private practice, I also incorporated another job as athletic training instructor at New Mexico State University.

When I first studied with Erik Dalton in Costa Rica, 2006 and Paul Kelly later that year, I felt I’d discovered the educational quantum leap I’d been seeking for so long.

Currently, I have a very busy full-time practice on the big island of Hawaii named: “Freedom of Movement: Clinical Massage & Myoskeletal Alignment” and am proud to have completed my “Master Myoskeletal Therapist” certification.”


Andy Libert
Bend Oregon

Having been a long time bodyworker, one of the most amazing things to me about MAT theory and practice is it’s accessibility to both beginners and seasoned professionals. I’ve been through the standard higher educational system and have spent time studying many different systems of thought and always refer to MAT as where “the rubber hits the road.” It is taught in a very easy, accessible way that is immediately applicable. My professional status has continued to rise as I have studied and practiced it for the last 8 years. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their skills and understanding beyond basic bodywork schooling.

541-797-9148 •

Adam Goodrich, LMT, PTA, MMT, FMT
Findlay, OH

“I began my career as a physical therapy assistant, yet soon realized that the hands-on pain relief work was my lifetime calling. I am grateful of the knowledge gained through my 4+ years of PTA schooling. It definitely made me a better therapist and I don’t regret it for a second. When I began my Myoskeletal journey in July of 2015, the blinders slowly came off come off as I attempted to integrate the concepts and techniques concurrently, but once they did… LOOK OUT

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the musculoskeletal system that, I feel, matches almost any professional in the same realm. My path to becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist has made me the go-to massage specialist in my area and known as the guy who can rid clients of chronic migraines when nothing else has helped. With all this advanced training I’ve now broadened my scope to treating competitive athletes. I’m so happy I decided to invest in this journey and I look forward to continued growth in the massage world for the rest of my career.

Thank you Erik Dalton, Dave Clinger and the rest of the Dalton gang! Best wishes to you all…proud to be an MMT!!!”

419-957-8953   •   •

Elizabeth Scott, BCTMB, LMT, MMT
Austin, Texas

“I have been practicing the art of massage & bodywork for over 20 years. First in South Florida and presently in Central Texas at a world class spa. Some folks have been able to find me through Erik’s website. Thank you! I regularly return the favor by referring people all around the country to this website so that they may discover a Myoskeletal Therapist near them.

Five years ago, I finally began this wonderful journey to become an MMT. This work has not only transformed my practice; it has changed the way I see, think and feel. There is a new challenge every day and this work has become my passion. Yes, I too have become the “go to “therapist and I love it!
My clients are in corporate, private and resort settings. Once they experience Myoskeletal Therapy, there is no going back. I thank you for that!

Anyone interested in falling in love with their work again…. check out Dr. Dalton!
It feels great to deliver the best care and always be informed with current updates.”  •  954-864-6147

Sergio Rivero, LMT, MMT
Clermont, FL

“In one of my first massage school classes, the instructor made a remark I’ll never forget. She welcomed the students and then said that it was unfortunate but “men have very little success in this industry.” Being one of three men in the class, I didn’t know if that was meant to be discouraging or to be a challenge. Being a glass half-full kind of guy, I told myself “challenge accepted!”

When I graduated in the top of my class, my goal was to find ways to encourage people to view bodywork in a different way. After months of searching for the “next step,” I was fortunate to find my way to the Dalton Crew.

Thanks to Erik, Paul, Kim and the rest of the gang I was able to learn how to make full use of my scope of practice as a bodyworker. Becoming a MMT has made me a more skilled therapist, more thorough in assessing my clients, and better skilled in how to help the variety of pain and injury conditions that I see in practice today.

My clients truly appreciate the time and effort I have invested in becoming a MMT. Although my practice is located in an area saturated with LMT’s, I have had no problems attracting clients and staying busy. Being a MMT or even working your way to becoming a MMT will set you apart from the fundamentals that we learned as entry level massage therapists. I am very happy, grateful, and excited to now be part of the Dalton Crew!”

Yasmin Malik, LMT, MMT
London, UK

“Since graduating in 2010, I’ve endeavored to expand my knowledge and bodywork skills in areas beyond my initial massage training. While attending a NRT (Neural Reset Therapy) workshop in Iowa, I overheard a classmate discussing his success with Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. I immediately began researching the MAT program by reading Erik’s blog posts and watching YouTube videos and soon enrolled in his Oklahoma City workshop. It didn’t take long before I was hooked on MAT and so were my clients.

Last year my Master Myoskeletal Therapist goal was finally accomplished and I was able to complete the 210-hour program in only one year.

I am honored and proud to now be a part of the MMT team and the first in London, England. I want to thank Erik for his inspiring workshops, DVD’s and books. My hands-on skills and client relationships continue to improve as I keep reviewing all the material. Every day I feel I’m better able to help my clients improve function and reduce pain.

I also want to thank all the Dalton Gang… it’s such an honor to hang out and learn from such a compassionate and loving group of therapists. My knowledge and skills have well exceeded what I could have imagined. Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques has changed my practice. Thank you Erik Dalton for making life easier by doing this work! My clients love it! I love it!”

Shawn Moses, LMT, MMT
Waterloo, Iowa

“I graduated from Carlson College of Massage Therapy in Anamosa, Iowa in 1999.  Not being sure of what area of massage I wanted to specialize in, I completed CEUs in pain management and sports therapy.  After having surgery on both shoulders 2 years apart, I began studying James Waslaski’s orthopedic massage courses. Through James Waslaski’s hands on courses, I heard about Erik Dalton and began taking his CEU home studies courses.

I attended my first hands on course with Erik in Oklahoma City in 2012.  I’d had back issues for 2 months, had therapists work on me, tried 2 different chiropractors and nothing was helping.   After Erik and Paul’s 10-minute demo on me, I was able to stand up straight and walk pain free.  It was the best feeling.  I was hooked and continued my CEUs with Erik’s home study and hands on courses. I am able to help my clients with the knowledge and the techniques I have learned from these courses. I currently operate my own massage therapy clinic and am the Hands-on Massage Therapy Instructor for Capri College in Waterloo, Iowa. I love coaching the massage students using my 19 years of experience and knowledge.  What is the next step for me to best utilize my abilities and knowledge to help others?  That is unknown as of right now, but I know my decision to go to Oklahoma City, meet the Dalton gang, and pursue my MMT certification was my BEST decision ever. Thank you to the Dalton Gang.”   •   319-415-186

Mary Jo James
Derby, Haysville and Wichita KS

“In March 2001, I attended my first Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques class with Erik Dalton and I was hooked! Erik was assessable, knowledgeable, entertaining… and he had the Dalton Gang! I didn’t have to “hope” I was doing it right because there was always someone near to assist me. I literally put my future in their hands and with lots of study, practice, and planning; I’ve now proudly achieved my “Master Myoskeletal Therapist” certification.

For 17 years, I’ve been using Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal techniques with great success. And I’ve found that I can either apply the full sequence to improve overall health and well-being or concentrate on specific areas to help alleviate a particular problem. Nothing makes me happier than a smiling client leaving my massage room saying, “I don’t know what you did but the pain is gone.”

Erik has taught me to look for patterns and accompanying compensations and to stop chasing the pain. I certainly think, and strongly believe my clients would agree, that my investment in training and knowledge was well worth it.

So, a great big thank you to Erik, Kim and the whole ‘Dalton Gang’ for providing the knowledge and training that enhances the healing process and drives new clients into my practice. If anyone is considering attending a workshop or acquiring the books and videos from the Freedom From Pain Institute, I say “Do it, you will not regret it!”


Emery Hill, LMT, MMT
Houston, TX

Emery Hill joins the Dalton Freedom From Pain Gang after a 25-year career as a team based NATA certified athletic trainer. Emery has spent time working in an elite level sports performance clinic in Colorado Springs and with the Houston Methodist Hospital. He works a variety of events providing sports medicine care although his primary assignment is with the Houston Ballet.

Emery’s training includes a B.S. in exercise and sports science with an emphasis in athletic training\sports medicine care and a M.S. in exercise science and health promotion sports psychology with an additional education track in rehabilitation science.

In the pursuit of evidence-based holistic treatment solutions and to be able to offer a variety of treatment options, Emery has advanced certifications in TRX training, Instrument Assisted Massage, Functional Movement Screens, Wellness Coaching, Sports Psychology, Rock-Taping, Corrective and Performance Enhancement, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar, USA Weightlifting Technique, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, and now has achieved Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification from Erik Dalton’s Freedom From Pain Institute.

Emery attempts to blend these techniques to offer innovative, evidence-based exercise and movement solutions. 

Janet Inlow, LMT, MMT
Wichita, KS

“I’m honored and proud to now be a part of the MMT team. This has been the most humbling and rewarding journey of my massage therapy career, both personality and professionally. The workshops, DVD’s and Erik’s books have been a wealth of knowledge—information I’ll be using with each and every client for years to come. Just witnessing the positive effects of the “Master Myoskeletal Therapist” certification program has been life changing-particularly with my proprofessional athletes. I am now able to help more clients with chronic issues achieve a “pain free life” and a new found hope.

My sincere thanks to Erik, Paul, and Kim and the Freedom from Pain Institute staff for their continued support and assistance throughout this remarkable journey.  I look to the future with great hope and expectations of acquiring more and more knowledge and hands-on skill.  Thank you!”  •  316-250-7683

Judy Slater, LMT, MMT, BCTMB
Edmond, Oklahoma

“Erik Dalton has been a big part of my massage career from the very beginning. When discussing with my chiropractor that I was considering becoming a LMT he told me about Erik Dalton and it was because of that conversation I enrolled in massage scho

I am so grateful that I started with the Freedom From Pain Institute instead of wasting time wading through all the courses and info available online, searching for reputable information. The investment I made in my education propelled my career in a way that years of experience alone could not have done. Erik has stretched and challenged me with each course. My favorite is “Treating Trapped Nerves”, although Costa Rica was an inspiring week with successful LMTs from around the world modeling for me the possibilities the field has to offer. Now that I’ve completed the MMT program, I’m ready to start cycling back through the courses and continuing to learn from them.

Currently, I practice privately in Edmond, OK at Optimal Living Orthopedic & Sports Therapy and also work part time for the chiropractor who first introduced me to Erik Dalton.

Thank you, Erik, for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us!!! You, and your staff, have blessed my life.”   •   405-355-8397  •

Matthew Smith, LMT, MMT
Vienna, West Virginia

“Owner and operator of Bodylogic in Vienna, WV for 11 years; I began studying MAT in 2011 with the “big binder” of techniques and dense readings on the guiding principles of manual therapy. Each module since has become more refined, more fun, and more educational.

Erik Dalton has done the field of massage therapy an enormous service by distilling osteopathic assessment and treatment into a cohesive set of techniques and making them available to massage therapists and practitioners who still use touch as the primary method of interaction with their patients. The depth of knowledge that MAT training provides is valuable not only for its effective hands-on techniques, but also for its attention to principles of anatomical assessment, movement retraining, and manual application.

The 210 Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification was a long but rewarding journey I will continue to use the rest of my career….proud to be a MMT!!”  304-865-9600

Alfhildur Gudlaugsdottir,
Reykjanesbæ, Iceland

“As owner and operator of a successful wellness and yoga center in Iceland, I’ve always had a special interest in human anatomy. With every passing year, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the role the nervous system plays in pain, pathology and movement dysfunction.

A few years after graduating massage college, I realized I had to continue upgrading my skill-set to help deal with clients presenting with chronic pain and sports injuries…. but where to start?

I began by scouring the Internet, watching YouTube presentations, and experimenting with various manual therapy modalities. Soon I found that I kept returning to Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques because of clinical results I was achieving.

In some cases, I found that a few MAT sessions alleviated serious conditions such as rotator cuff tendinopathies and sciatica in clients who were seriously considering surgery… what an exciting revelation!

My passion and hands-on skills continued to flourish as I made my way through each of Erik Dalton’s very well organized and beautifully illustrated Master Myoskeletal Therapist courses. I am sincerely grateful to Erik and his illustrious training team and honored to be part of this forward-thinking group. Proud to be a MMT.”    354-845-5422

Aubrey Gowing, MMT
Swords, County Dublin, Ireland

“Despite having gained 40+ qualifications and certifications in my 29 years of practice, the one that has without a doubt meant the most to me personally and professionally is the Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification.”

Here is the feedback on what MAT has done for me and my students:

“The study of Myoskeletal Therapy has revolutionized both my practice and my teaching. The results I see on a daily basis are nothing short of astounding. Our students regularly come to class telling of the dramatic effects their MAT studies have had on a client’s condition. This quickly builds confidence and helps them realize the positive effect they have in getting people out of pain, improving posture and getting them back to doing the activities and sports that they love. Even when clients present with complex conditions.

The steps to achieving MMT certification are one of the most enjoyable and rewarding journeys I’ve taken in my life. I have no hesitation in recommending this program to anyone interested in providing the best possible care for their clients. Even excellent therapists who’ve not yet incorporated Myoskeletal techniques into their practice may be unnecessarily limiting themselves from reaching their full potential. Don’t wait, pick any module that appeals to you and jump right in. You will not regret it, and your clients will undoubtedly thank you!”     253-1-895-6337  •  Website

Rabih Fakhreddine, LMT, MMT
Cape Coral, Florida

“In 2011, I graduated Heritage institute as a massage therapist where I felt I received a good basic education. My passion for the work inspired me to seek continuing education to expand my skill-set so I could greater serve my clients. I surfed the web experimenting with various modalities and attended several seminars and all were helpful to a degree, but nothing rang my bell until I came across some articles and videos on Erik Dalton’s Freedom From Pain website.

I immediately ordered his “Techniques Tour” home study course and realized I had found my manual therapy path.  I would stay up late in the evening after having done massage all day just to watch the videos and read the in-depth biomechanical explanations on conditions I was seeing in my practice every day particularly low back and neck pain. My first confirmation that I was on the right path was when I was able to help a lady diagnosed with severe rotator cuff impingement and scheduled for surgery.  It was such a great feeling of joy for both of us when her orthopedist declared that the tendinopathy seemed to be healing and he saw no need for surgery at that time.

It was a thrill to attend Erik’s 6thannual workshop in Oklahoma City in June where several other therapists and I were awarded their Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) diplomas in front of 160 other enthusiastic attendees.  What an honor to be part of an elite group of like-minded therapists.

I’m looking forward to attending one of Paul Kelly’s MAT workshops to keep the flame burning inside me and I’ll definitely be back next year to the Oklahoma City or Costa Rica event.  This was the best decision I could have made.  It’s astonishing how many more referrals I am receiving and how much more confidence I have in my chosen path.”  239-822-3845

Charlie Peebles, MMT
Terre Haute, Indiana

“Going back from the time I was a kid I always played sports and coming from Indiana I loved basketball. However, being only 5’ 11” not that fast, and couldn’t jump that high, I only had the chance to play some high school basketball. The sport that I really excelled at was golf and my golfing career carried me places I would have never dreamed of. But “Massage Therapy”… who would have thunk it? Yet, my wife, and I ended up owning a salon and spa in Florida that transported me into massage therapy.

Actually, I have made my living in Information Technology (IT) for 30+ years and when I left IBM and purchased a salon and spa, I had to figure out what I was going to do in that industry to make some money, right? So because of my sports back ground and my interest in massage, I ended up in a school a few blocks from my business…the rest is history!

Because of my sports back ground, my interest focused more on corrective manual therapy. I always thought that the spine was the one of the “keys” to proper functional movement and although learning Swedish massage was great, I needed more input that would help me better understand functional movement.

Voila, enter Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques! For me, this training separated the spa from the sports. Suddenly, I began hearing concepts like upper & lower crossed syndromes, motor dominant patterns, functional and structural scoliosis, and many more pattern-related dysfunctional conditions. Yes, and the idea that we as humans develop dysfunctional movement patterns that we hold subconsciously until a trained therapist brings them to our attention was groundbreaking for me. All of this information really got me excited about what I could do next as a massage/manual therapist.

Kudos to Erik Dalton for taking our profession from a relaxation to a posture, pain performance model. God blessed our community when Erik developed Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques!

I also have to say something about Mr. Paul Kelly. He is another person that I am thankful to have in our manual therapy community as a teacher of MAT. Paul definitely has the gift for teaching and I have enjoyed his views and ideas. I know I have thanked these two industry leaders before, but because of these two guys, our minor degree at Indiana State University stands out as a leading massage therapy program in the country. Thank you both and God Bless!!!”   • 765-505-3552 •

John Sanderford, LMT, MMT
Midlothian, Texas

“I have felt very blessed to be raised in a family environment where hugs and human touch were welcomed and understood to be a healing power in so many different situations. This has led to my openness and willingness to not judge anyone, but to want to help comfort them. Thankfully there have been many opportunities to do volunteer work thru churches, the red cross, etc.

As I neared retirement from over 3 decades of TV broadcast engineering, I really wanted to focus on helping people in a more direct manor. Having experienced the healing power of massage myself in dealing with pain management, I chose to go back to school and get my massage license, which I completed in 2014.

Fortunately, while waiting for the school semester to start I ran across Erik Dalton’s teachings on U-Tube. I realized that his approach was the type of therapy that had helped me so much. I spent hours upon hours of watching his videos and taking notes.

The first workshop I attended in OKC in 2015, changed everything about my approach to pain management, and therapy. I can never thank Erik enough for his and Paul Kelly’s help in becoming the therapist I am today.

It’s been awesome to help Freedom From Pain Institute as a TA at multiple workshops. After many courses I recently completed the requirements to become a Master Myoskeletal Therapist.”   •   214-301-2586

Alton “Rusty” Nail. LMT, MMT

“Similar to many manual therapists I was directed to pain relief through personal injury. Mine was an oilfield accident in 1979 that resulted in two surgeries to my R wrist, 30 months in a cast and 7 years with a brace. That was a career changing event. I obtained an Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy in 1993. I had been interested in massage since 1970 and using it in the ER demonstrated the viability of massage. The hospital paid for my massage school and in 1996 I obtained my LMT. After several years of working in the hospital and giving relaxation massage during my off hours, I started looking for a modality that would help my clients deal with the pain they endured. I finally found that modality in Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy.

Having had over a decade of Respiratory Therapy and Massage Therapy by that time thought I had a good understanding of Anatomy and medical terminology. In 2008 I purchased MAT Neck/Back Manual Vol I & II and the original Shoulder, Arm& Hand home study course. I started reading the notebook and it wasn’t long before I realized I was spending more time in reference books than reading the text. My massage business was slowing down so I took that opportunity to close my business and return to the Hospital ER full time and practice massage part time for the next 6 years. I am indebted to the MDs, DOs, RNs and LVNs that generously shared their expertise in assessment, anatomy, reading x-rays and dealing with pain as freely as Erik shares his knowledge.

In 2014 I finally turned in my test for the home study course (fortunately there was no deadline for completing the course). Erik’s MAT has completely changed my approach to bodywork and my outlook on life in general.  I will forever be in debt to Erik.

Proud to have completed the MMT program after only a decade. I completely agree with an astute philosopher that once said he would be a full-time student if he could. This is another step in the constantly changing field of Manual Therapy. I am thankful that Erik is so willing to adapt with the changing advancements and incorporate them into his program. Kudos to Erik, Teri, Paul, Kim and all “The Dalton Gang!”  210-240-2089

David A Clinger, LMT, MMT
Findlay, Ohio

For 31 years I worked at a factory where I helped coordinate the Health & Wellness committee and learned firsthand about repetitive use injuries as well as the importance of ergonomic awareness to physical function.  I have been a runner since my 20’s and competed in numerous races including participating in the 1983 Boston Marathon. Running helped me see the benefits of massage and inspired me to become a Massage Therapist.

In January 2003, I started a second career as a Massage Therapist.  Over the years, my practice has become an alternative and integrative  approach to healthcare – utilizing massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, life coaching and other treatment modalities for overall wellness.

As a therapist, I pursue educational programs which significantly extend my knowledge and skills in areas beyond the initial massage training.  My Wellness Center ( offers such beneficial therapies as lymph drainage, medical massage, orthopedic massage for pain management.  I find that the therapy that has had the most significant and long-lasting impact on my clients’ conditions is Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT).

During the last 7 years working with the “Dalton Gang” on separate or collaborative MAT workshops throughout the US and in Costa Rica, has increased both my knowledge and skills well beyond what I could have imagined possible.  Thus, I have developed skills of holistic massage in a community of influential teachers.  My focus on lifelong learning has led me to the most innovative practitioners of medical massage, thereby enlarging my capacity to treat a wide spectrum of inter-related problems.

As a therapist with a “wide-angle” view of the body from experiences and education, I can sum up my accumulated understanding that our “bodies live for healthy movement”.  Without exaggeration, my passion for massage – especially Erik Dalton’s MAT above all other modalities – has fueled my desire to help others achieve healthier lives and lifelong wellness.

Thank you, Erik Dalton, for being a genuine healthcare professional who inspires others!   •  419-306-5676  •  website:

Tammy McCue, LMT, MMT
Palm Coast, Florida

“I have always had a profound interest in helping others. I began my career working as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Shortly afterwards, I went back to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in order to expand my knowledge and ability. While practicing as a PTA LMT I came across an Erik Dalton video which sparked my interest. I quickly learned, through the foundational courses, that this was a technique that could truly benefit my clients and help me to stand out as a therapist. Following the incredible MAT workshop in Costa Rica I knew that this was a style that I wanted to build my practice around. I continued my education through the online courses supplemented by multiple hands on workshops. I then decided to expand my knowledge even further by completing a 2- day mentor ship with Paul Kelly in Tennessee that was extremely educational.

Most recently, I have been honored to assist both Erik Dalton and Paul Kelly in Palm Beach and Las Vegas at there training workshops. MAT has helped me look at my clients differently. By looking for patterns and not simply following pain I can better assess where the pain is coming from. I can then educate my clients on how they can help themselves.

I currently practice as an MMT LMT at Hammock Beach Resort where I specialize in the techniques I have learned through MAT and I am passionate about ensuring that my clients remain active, healthy and happy!”  •   716-481-7088

Joel Kouyoumjian, LMT, MMT
Manchester, New Hampshire

Joel is a New Hampshire and New York State Licensed Massage Therapist.  He is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage near Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Mr. Kouyoumjian also holds certificates for orthopedic massage through the Benjamin Institute for Advanced Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Bodywork is a second career for Joel. His interest in massage stems from his worldwide travels over the span of forty years as a US Merchant Marine ship captain.

He came to learn the Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques in part because he recognized his penchant for troubleshooting and MAT lets practitioners apply that skill to bodywork. Joel also recognized how so many people in the New England area would benefit from Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Therapy and there simply wasn’t anyone doing it. After earning his advanced certification in MAT, he opened his Manchester-Bedford Myoskeletal LLC clinic to do just that — help people through ways that simply made sense to him.

Joel is originally from Massachusetts. His sea-going career moved him around the country, living on the US east and west coasts, Scotland, and the British Virgin Islands before finally setting down roots here in New Hampshire in 2009.

Away from manual therapy, the Captain rock climbs at indoor gyms in the Manchester area when he can. Joel started learning Aikido in the early 1970’s before a knee injury put an end to his martial arts ambitions. Recently, he’s taken an interest in the American Eagle Cane Style of self-defense. His long-standing connection to the Far East continues as a caretaker of bonsai.   • 603-935-8422 • Website:

Debra Christensen, LMT, MMT
Evanston, Illinois

“While studying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist I was struck with how often we worked and addressed the human body as if it was constituted of distinctly separate parts instead of being an interdependent and highly integrated whole. Over the years I studied many wonderful modalities but still had not found what I was searching for in order to move beyond temporary solutions to create lasting positive change for my clients. I had all but given up on my search for an advanced program that treated the body as an integrated whole when I discovered a video by Dr. Erik Dalton and started my journey to becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MAT).

MAT combines some of the best techniques from osteopathy, ART, fascial therapy, developmental movement sciences, and postural/developmental therapies. Additionally, Dr. Dalton is always updating and advancing MAT techniques to reflect the newest research advances in the physiology, pain management and manual therapy sciences.

Combined with this research is the excellent teaching by both Dr. Dalton and Paul Kelly. Through their insights and patience in the seminars and instruction sessions as well as from the MAT home study courses, I have grown immeasurably as a massage therapist and succeeded in assisting my clients in reaching their goals.
I have had the pleasure to learn and expand my skills as a Master Myoskeletal therapist and I am confident that it will help me and other therapists to continue to advance our practice.

I’m grateful to everyone at the Freedom from Pain Institute and the whole Dalton Gang and look forward to continuing to learn and grow.”  •   773-965-0345    •

Michelle Mokracek, LMT, MMT
Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

“I have been practicing massage and manual therapies for over 18 years. I started with Neuro Muscular Therapy as my core curriculum in 2000 and from there continued to grow my perspective and experience training in Shiatsu and Thai/Yoga modalities. Despite having a thriving massage therapy practice, I wanted to better understand how to work with client’s presenting with posture and pain issu

In 2007 I started studying orthopedic massage and later became a certified practitioner. Then in 2008 I attended Erik Dalton’s weeklong Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques live certification course in Costa Rica and I realized that this was just what I had been looking for. I was hooked! MAT is an amazing integrative method that combines some of the best techniques from osteopathy, fascial therapy, pain management, and developmental movement sciences. I knew that this was going to be years of study and I was so excited!! After developing my skills and integrating this information I feel confident that I can help almost anyone who walks through my door. Proud to be a Master Myoskeletal Therapist.” • 732-773-8683

Mark Senzig, CMT, MMT, BCTMB
Santa Rosa, California

“I sought out alternative medicine after being severely injured as a landscape laborer in 1979. After several years of relying on pain medication, my primary doctor referred me to a doctor specializing in alternative modality referrals instead of pills. Within two weeks of treatment in Cathy Amber’s physical therapy program, I walked away without pain. This treatment planted the seeds within me that there is hope for a person that suffers with pain.

Those seeds germinated in 1985 when I was asked to be an on-going patient model for Rolfing classes at Meadowood Resort Hotel and Conference Center, St. Helena, CA. I experienced firsthand the powerful healing relationship between emotional release and physical bodywork, inspiring me to take a Deep Tissue class. My next formal venture into the healing arts was 2003 to 2005, when I attended the Acupressure Institute’s program in Berkeley, CA. Opening my eyes to other possibilities, I did volunteer acupressure sessions for pain management clients, through Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Next stop on my quest to unravel the mysteries of pain, I pursued certification at the National Holistic Institute’s Professional Massage and Health Education Program, finishing up in 2007.

I worked at Massage Envy for almost three years, winning a regional Northern California Massage Award of the Year. I honed my skills through continued study: Deep Tissue videos by Art Riggs, Certified Rolfer, and classes taught by James Waslaski, Orthopedic Massage Therapist specializing in chronic pain. I soon found Erik Dalton through James and we became fast friends. I started to take MAT online courses in 2011 and went to my first MAT workshop in April 2012 San Diego CA. My second and third hands on workshop were in 2012 and 2014 Costa Rica and fourth workshop was in 2016 Oklahoma. I finished the 210 hour program on Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (a form of massage derived from Rolfing and Osteopathy) in 2018. These have all been invaluable in assessment of chronic pain patterns.

I now have more than 1500 hours of educational training, and in the past year earned board certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Seeing my clients’ improvements continues to be my inspiration.”   • 707-480-1226   •   Website:

Gary Jones, MMT
Little Rock, Arkansas

“In 1997 I graduated from massage school in Houston, TX. Currently, I hold a license in Texas with Instructor level ranking. I moved to Arkansas in 2000 and attained a therapist license and eventually achieved Master Level rating. I am self-employed and owner of Arkansas Medial clinic in Little Rock. The focus of the clinic is on alleviating pain and treating injuries. The clinic does not offer spa-type, relaxation massage.

I thought I knew about bodywork therapy until I walked into Erik Dalton’s classroom. That event caused me to reexamine everything I thought I knew. To learn from Erik (or Paul Kelly) is such an honor. Everything they teach is pure gold. No one is even remotely close to them.

Things I learned from the Myoskeletal Alignment system have allowed me to  bring people out of pain who had previously given up because nothing else was working. I am honored to receive this Master Myoskeletal Therapist graduation certificate.”  •  501-952-5267

Kim Miller, LMT, MMT
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I am a 1982 graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy. In 1985 I moved to Oklahoma City to be close to family. I was hired as the lead therapist for a 6-month-old massage therapy program in a fitness center in a new hotel, the first of it’s kind for Oklahoma City. Being the new “in” place to stay I got to work on a lot of celebrities, professional athletes and club members. I was also responsible for hiring other therapists, developing advertising and overseeing the program. That was the beginning of my involvement in the administrative side of the business.

Two years later I was asked to develop curriculum and teach for a massage school opening in Oklahoma City. I developed the course for Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. I also worked with the owners in developing guidelines for a student clinic. Around that same time, I was asked to develop massage therapy programs for a wellness center at one of the state parks and for Presbyterian Center for Healthy Living.

As well as developing programs I was also seeing clients at these facilities. Traveling was time consuming and in 1994 an esthetician who had trained extensively in London and I decided to open a clinic. I focused on that practice and was there until 2011 when I moved my treatment room to my home.

My association with Erik Dalton began in 1992 when I met him at a workshop. I had been looking for a Rolfer and been given his name by the Rolf Institute, but had been unable to connect with him because he was living in California and his number in Oklahoma had been disconnected. I heard about him throughout the years and began to think he was a phantom and then, there he was! Fortunately, he was taking new clients.

It was also fortunate that Erik had studied with the legendary Ida Rolf and taken extensive post graduate courses with Philip Greenman, Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University. Erik was looking for a way to marry this information with additional concepts he had researched into a body of knowledge and techniques appropriate for massage therapists. Since I had some experience teaching and developing course curriculum we often spoke about his ideas. In 1994, he decided to start conducting small workshops in his garage, while writing his first book and producing a DVD set to accompany it, which he presented at a conference in Oklahoma City in 1998. I had the honor of assisting him. I assisted him over the next 12 years presenting an average of 10 workshops a year and in 2016 became the Director of Education.

Prior to meeting Erik, I had taken many continuing education courses and became nationally certified in a couple modalities. As Erik developed Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques I began using them on my clients. I had noticed patterns of pain with my clients and the techniques were exactly what I needed to develop a skill set that addressed those issues. As Erik continued to tweak the Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and grow so did I.

I have now had a full-time practice in Oklahoma City for 33 years. I feel I have helped countless people feel comfortable in their bodies and move with greater ease because of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques.”   •   405-919-3685

Nick Cress, DC, MMT
Delray Beach, Florida

My name is Dr. Nick Cress and I am a licensed chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapist certified in MAT. I utilize myoskeletal techniques and applications with every initial consultation to assess movement patterns and spinal dysfunction. MAT is my diagnostic tool to know what soft tissues to work on before I do my adjustment. These tools never let me down!     •    561-289-1221


Gina Stravedes, LMT, MMT
Naples, Florida

“When I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1998, I dedicated myself to giving the best possible care to my clients. Through the teachings and guidance of Erik Dalton and the ‘Dalton Team’ it has changed my entire practic

Myoskeletal manual therapy and corrective exercise have taught me how to better assess and treat common imbalance patterns, chronic pain and overuse injuries….creating positive results and happy clients one day at a time.
I’m grateful to be a Master Myoskeletal Therapist and part of this astute group of bodyworkers • 239-777-2652


Jean Williams, LMT, MMT
Biloxi, MS

“When I was 5 I started massaging my dad’s back and feet. I didn’t realize I was suppose to be a massage therapist until I was 49. I had only thought about it briefly once before but didn’t have the time to go to school. I never really wanted to go back to school, but massage school changed all of that.

I was a therapist for 2 years when I was looking for some CEU’s and saw the Paul Kelly workshop in Murfreesboro, Tn. I was in the room 10 minutes and knew that this was what I wanted to do. I saw that the techniques worked much better than the ones I was using and when I started using them on my clients, they got better faster and had more immediate relief. Because of my own pain and problems I wanted more than anything to help people. So, I started my business inside a chiropractors office–more of a wellness business than a spa setting.

I have been able to help more people go back to work and be pain free than I ever thought possible. If also has offered me a greater earning capability.

Working through all of Erik’s courses has taken me to a higher level than I could have imagined and inspired me to complete a personal training course so I can bring corrective exercise to my clients. It has also allowed me to work with athletes at a local high school and with other local gyms.

I owe this all to Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques…it has motivated me to be the best I can be. I can’t thank Erik and Paul enough for all I have learned and for the motivation to never stop learning. I admire Erik for his vision, hard work, contribution to the massage profession and his continued education. Thank you for being my mentors and changing my life. Look forward to the years to come.”  • 615-584-1771 •

Clinton Merrifield, LMT, MMT
San Antonio, Texas

“At the onset of my massage therapist career, I realized I had a passion for the craft. Accordingly, I set high goals for enhancing and enriching my therapist credentials. My initial interests focused on muscle energy techniques and stretching, but I wanted to broaden my core knowledge base.

At the suggestion of a colleague, I explored the Erik Dalton “Freedom From Pain Institute” course offerings and was instantly attracted to the Myoskeletal Therapy Training program. The course focused on the human body structure, posture, pain management, and professional ethics. It was exactly what I wanted to pursue as a foundation to my new vocation. From the initial series of lessons and workshops, I was hooked. Achieving Master Myoskeletal Therapist certification turned into a personal top priority. The more I learned from the MMT program, the more confident and capable I became.

Every step of working with a client’s musculoskeletal system advanced my academic understandings and hands-on application techniques, which benefited my growing clientele.

With many thanks to Erik, I have complete confidence in myself in helping my clients with their physiological and neurological issues that arise from bad posture, gait and movement patterns. Becoming a certified Master Myoskeletal Therapist was the right decision for me. I’m a better qualified massage and bodywork therapist who provides quality service to every client.

For massage therapists who wish to advance their knowledge and application skills and to stand out as confident and professional specialists, I strongly recommend the Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Therapy Training program and the Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) certification.” • (210) 901-0497 • Website:

Harley Hill, MMT
Oklahoma City, OK

“I’m proud to be a Master Myoskeletal Therapist, personal trainer and certified Rossiter coach. My wife Olga and I feel so fortunate to have trained with both Erik and Paul. Their knowledge and experience has greatly broadened our scope, elevated our hands-on skills, and increased referrals.

We look forward to each new addition to the MMT program and are constantly reviewing all the material we covered in these outstanding courses. Thanks to Kim Miller, Erik’s education director, and all the Dalton Gang….u’re the best!!!”  •   (405)728-5000  •   website:

Olga Hill, ND, MMT, LMT
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I graduated from Central State Massage Academy in Oklahoma City in 2004, and certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner by Medical Massage Practitioners of America.  Since Medical Massage is an umbrella term encompassing ten primary modalities with clinical applications for each, I discovered that the broader my scope, the better my results and the more referrals I was getting.

Techniques are the tools we use in our practice, yet much of our success comes from the rapport we build with clients over time. Since 2002, Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal  Alignment Techniques has helped me acquire not only improved hands-on and home retraining skills, but also better ways to talk to my client’s about their pain and injury conditions.  I’ve found that knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key.

Some of my clients who’ve moved to other states have asked how they can find a MAT certified therapist to continue this amazing therapy and I am more than happy to send them to Erik’s website. And some clients moving to Oklahoma contact me from Erik’s website because of their experience with Myoskeletal Techniques in their own state.

I continue to learn from Erik…. his knowledge is endless, and it inspires me tremendously. This MMT program has been one of the best investments in my life. It has considerably increased my business. I am so blessed that I found you.”

One of my favorite sayings from Erik Dalton is “the truly educated never graduate.” Thank you Erik for your amazing work!”   •   (405)728-5000  •   website:

Mike Sullivan, LMT, MMT
Virginia Beach, VA

I graduated massage school in 2013 with the plan to continue on to be a physical therapy assistant (PTA). After the first week of school I saw the benefits of massage therapy and changed my career path. I no longer visioned massage therapy as a stepping stone to PTA, but where I wanted to stay and grow. My decision to move to a massage career was aided by working in a physical therapy clinic where I was able to see what a PTA can, and more importantly… not do.

I came across Erik Dalton, Paul Kelly, and the Myoskeletal method via a “Motion is Lotion” YouTube video that an instructor was showing as one of the different therapeutic massage modalities and then happened along an ad in a Massage & Bodywork magazine for the Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) method. I immediately ordered Erik’s “Foundational Bundle” and was off to the races.

MAT has benefitted my clients (and me) tremendously. It has given me tools to quickly assess pain and pathology and the skills to facilitate positive change. My clients know I’m going to do my best to address their problems, but at the same time, be honest with them when I think they may need a referral to another medical professional. This approach has helped my practice grow by way of client referrals. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in such a health-giving program. Proud to be MMT!    •     757-235-1102

Jack Miller, LMT, MMT
Tucson, AZ

I started my bodywork career 8 years ago after a stressful 20 years in Corrections. I was looking for a profession I could enjoy, take pride in, and reduce the stress in my life….massage was the perfect match. My background in martial arts, emergency medicine, and a variety of athletic endeavors set the stage for helping people with hands-on work. My own personal experiences dealing with sports injuries provided a clear picture of the problems associated with pain and healing. Soon I realized those same stresses and injuries occur in everyone, not just athletes. This opened me to unlimited possibilities.

“My first CE class was with a guy named Erik Dalton. Being new to the profession, I was not fully aware of his impact on the massage industry. It was dramatically different from anything I had been taught before and it resonated with me…. I was hooked!  The more I learned the more I realized how much I didn’t understand. It changed my view of therapeutic bodywork and opened me to ideas that have changed my life and practice.

The myoskeletal approach has guided me to where I am today in my practice. I’m grateful for my ability to work with people to help reduce their pain and improve their quality of life. It is the most satisfying experience I’ve ever had.

My practice is now solely based on the myoskeletal approach and I have consistently seen dramatic results in helping clients become pain free with improved functionality.  Many of my clients come to me as a last chance effort unable to find relief from other resources. Almost without exception, I am able to help reduce their levels of discomfort, increase their mobility and improve functionality. For me, there is no greater feeling than knowing I’m contributing to improvement in a person’s quality of life.

Proud to me a Master Myoskeletal Therapist …thank you Erik.”

Joani Donavon, LMT, MMT
Toledo, OH

“I started my therapy profession 15 years ago. I decided early on that I wanted to be different ~ have a different approach. Continuing education was and still does play an important part of my career as a manual therapist. As the world was changing, I needed modalities to help me handle the ever changing stresses of the body.

I was lucky enough to attend a Dalton seminar in Chicago in 2010 where I met the Dalton Gang! I fell in love with the work…more importantly, my clients fell in love with the work. My business soared. I took a leap of faith and traveled outside of the country AND my comfort zone and headed to the 2011 Costa Rica Dalton retreat. I was more in love with MAT than when I started.

MAT has changed my world ~ both professionally and personally. It has given me the confidence needed to build trusting referral relationships with the top team of medical doctors in the city of Toledo. I am considered a rehab therapist ~ and I laugh when people say Dr K referred me to you cuz you can fix my sh**! . With this, my goal for each client that walks thru our doors is to get them breathing better so they can move better so they can live in this world and be extraordinary. MAT has everything I need ~ to keep me challenged and my clients moving.

My manual therapist tool box is full of awesome tools ~ my go to every time is Dalton MAT. MAT is not a fad modality ~ it changes with the times. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing community. Erik, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!   •   419-367-1417

Damon Bolden Henderson, KMT, MMT
Las Vegas, Nevada

After retiring from a career in Law enforcement, I still wanted to help people and thought that massage would be a nice side hobby. Unfortunately, during massage school, I quickly learned that for me, the field of regular massage may be lack luster. A good friend of mine brought to my attention Erik Dalton and the MAT method of therapy and I knew that this was the direction I wanted to go.  I started my massage career at a franchise massage business in 2012, at the same time, I purchased my first Dalton home study course. Every chance I got to use the MAT techniques during a massage session, I did and my clientele grew. Other massage therapists were amazed that I was always booked and had repeat clients so quickly in my new career. People began to come in for the Myoskeletal Alignment body work and tell their friends. This continued for two years as I continued to practice and study.

I finished all the core MAT courses and completed the internship with Paul Kelly at his facility in Tennessee and decided I was ready to open my own business in 2014. As my business grew I continued to complete home study courses and travel to as many MAT seminars as I could and finally received my MMT certification July 2018. These proven techniques have helped me help countless numbers of clients with posture and pain issues and has allowed me to have a very successful and lucrative business in Las Vegas.

I want to thank Erik for providing the system to help so many people become pain free and so many therapists to financial freedom.

I also want to thank Paul Kelly for his friendship and guidance and all of the staff at the Freedom from Pain Institute!  •  702-577-6638  •

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Benefits of MMT Certification

  • A personal profile on our website
  • Get fast-tracked to our “teachers-in-training” program
  • Membership discount on bodywork products
  • Exclusive access to special technique videos and research articles
  • MATchat room to interact with instructors and other members
  • Gold sealed 11” x 14” Master Myoskeletal Therapist Diploma

Requirements to becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist

The entire certification requires 210 hours of MAT training. Hours are earned through a combination of home-study courses and workshops.

There are no prerequisites for any individual course. Courses can be taken in any order, even starting with a Master MAT Course.

Complete the Foundational MAT Certification Courses

  • Lower Body MAT Course (32 Hours)
  • Upper Body MAT Course with bonus ethics course (22 Hours)
  • Posture, Pain, Performance MAT Course (20 Hours)
  • Professional Ethics Course (6 Hours)

Complete the Master MAT Courses

  • Shoulder, Arm & Hand MAT Course (16 Hours)
  • Technique Tour MAT Course (16 Hours)
  • Treating Trapped Nerves MAT Course (16 Hours)
  • Motion is Lotion (16 Hours) 
  • Art of MAT Course (16 Hours) coming December 2017!

Attend MAT workshops

  • 50 Hours of live training workshops with our expert instructors
  • At least one workshop must be with founder Erik Dalton

Keeping Your MMT Certification

Keeping your certification active is easily done by participating in 8 hours of MAT online or workshop trainings every 24 months.

Please keep in mind that MMT Certification does not replace licensing with your state bodywork licensing agency.

Begin your new career path now by enrolling in one of our home-study programs. Master your craft, distinguish yourself above the rest, and earn more money!

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