What the heck is Erik Dalton holding?


A free autographed Blue collar t-shirt will be given to the first three therapists that can correctly answer these questions:

1) What is Erik holding?
2) From what type of animal did this come? (Hint… a mammal)
3) What structure is Erik’s index finger pointing to?
4) What is the hole for?

We have the winners of the “What is Erik Holding Contest” Here are the answers.

We decided to give a t-shirt to the first 5 that guessed correctly instead of only 3. Had some wild guesses, and some funny ones too!

1) What is Erik holding? Vertebrae
2) From what type of animal did this come? Whale
3) What structure is Erik’…s index finger pointing to?
Spinous Process
4) What is the hole for?
Spinal Cord

The winners are… Jim Moon, Rajam Roose, Rose Janssen, Susan Carbin-Hardee and Susan Blumin… Your t-shirts are on the way.

And no, Amy… Erik is not filing his fingernails. Very funny!

This bone actually found on a beach in the Northwest and was donated to Robert and Judi Calvert’s World Museum of Massage….formerly in
Spokane WA.


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