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For those folks who are searching for massage CE workshops that will not only help boost their careers and their bottom lines, but also lead to improved outcomes for their clients and patients, Erik Dalton workshops provide much more than massage therapy CEUs. Based on Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, these massage CE workshops are designed to give wellness professionals the hands-on tools they need to succeed in the field of manual therapy.

Each year, Dalton hosts two massage therapy workshops that focus specifically on Myoskeletal Alignment—one in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the other in Costa Rica. Those who attend one of these massage CE workshops typically earn more than 20 continuing education credits as they learn all about the ways in which Dalton’s techniques can be used to address a vast array of common client conditions.

Given that Dalton himself only teaches two of these massage CE workshops each year, it is no surprise that the workshops tend to sell out fast. Therefore, those wellness professionals who would like to attend are advised to book their slots well in advance. By investing in this experience, practitioners are investing in their own careers and increasing the value of their hands-on services.

In essence, an intensive workshop on Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques can help massage therapists make the transition from the massage school relaxation model into the lucrative world of pain management. To make this transition, it is crucial that you have the skills to evaluate and address the painful conditions clients present with—and these are the skills that Erik Dalton workshops aim to deliver.

If you are looking for massage CE workshops that will change the way you practice, look no further than these seminars, which focus on improving client outcomes through Myoskeletal Alignment. For example, the 2014 workshop in Oklahoma City centered on Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques as they pertain to posture, pain and performance.

While earning 24 massage therapy CEUs, bodywork and movement specialists of all kinds learned how to assess and correct pain generators, including neck cricks and migraines; rib and diaphragm fixations; foot and ankle injuries; local and referred back pain; sacroiliac, sciatic and piriformis pinches; femoroacetabular (hip) impingement; along with rotator cuff, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, given the fact that Erik Dalton workshops happen only twice a year and tend to sell out fast, there are other options for those practitioners who do not enroll in time to reserve a slot or simply cannot make it to Oklahoma or Costa Rica. One option is to attend one of the massage therapy workshops hosted by Senior Myoskeletal Instructor Paul Kelly. To find out when Kelly will be conducting Myoskeletal Alignment workshops, click on the “Workshops” tab on erikdalton.com.

Another option is to sign up for Dalton’s massage therapy home study courses. These home study courses include valuable massage therapy videos and textbooks, such as the Dynamic Body book. Dalton’s massage therapy home study courses incorporate deep tissue, joint stretching and myofascial mobilization techniques for massage, sports and functional movement therapists who are interested in pain management.

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