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Bones As Levers

From Upper Body Course Tips to Treat Back Contractures and Spasms Manual therapists routinely use bones as levers to reduce tension and protective spasm in

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Suboccipital Triangle & Headaches

The second cervical vertebra, the axis, is considered the most important of all the neck’s bony structures partly due to its unique dural membrane attachment and also because of the powerful myofascial structures anchoring it from above and below

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Myoskeletal Enhancers

Engaging the brain, freeing the fascia According to Cambridge Dictionary, the verb enhance means “to improve the quality, amount or strength of something.” Similarly, in

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Puzzle of Perfect Posture

From Advanced Upper Body course No therapeutic approach to pain management is satisfactory until body posture is generally improved. Whatever the cause of the client’s

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Stomach-Sleeper’s Headache

From Advanced Upper Body course Treating Suboccipitals and Dural Drag The obliquus capitis inferior (OCI) muscles may be the most underappreciated of all the suboccipitals.

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Scoliosis and Massage Therapy

From Technique Tour course During adolescence, most of us recall our mother’s marching orders to “Stand up straight!” Fortunately, standing up straight wasn’t a problem

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Miracle Of Motherhood

https://vimeo.com/310191205 From Dynamic Lower Body course The miracle of motherhood is eloquently expressed when observing how perfectly the female body is designed to conceive, birth,

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Bullfighting Scar Treated

by Erik Dalton Ph.D. Last year at the Third International Fascial Research Congress in Vancouver, 800+ participants silently listened and watched as Raul Rodriques PT

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