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Scoliosis… is it functional or structural?

Manual therapists often shy away from treating scoliotic clients, and for good reason. In the absence of a basic understanding of spinal biomechanics, soft tissue work may not produce the desired results and treatments that are too “heavy-handed” may even exacerbate the client’s condition.

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Watch the Walk

From Art of MAT course Homolateral gait, righting reflexes, and neck strain By Erik Dalton Image 1. Cross-crawling helps organize the child’s central nervous system.

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Digital Dementia

https://vimeo.com/383834380 Techniques as shown in Assessment course Addressing Postural Plasticity Digital Dementia is a term coined by neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer to describe a condition caused by

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Art of MAT

Bridging the great divide between Art & Science From The Art of MAT course Professor Albert Einstein once stated, “All religion, arts, and sciences, are branches

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