MAT benefits both clients and therapists

From online courses on accounting procedures and marketing methods to seminars on whole new forms of touch therapy and techniques for specific client issues and conditions, the realm of continuing education for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers truly spans the spectrum. For those practitioners who are searching for online or in-person massage therapy workshops that fall into the category of hands-on methods that can help address common client complaints, as well as more unusual issues and conditions, Erik Dalton workshops remain at the top of the list.

Dalton is the creator of a form of deep tissue work that aims for pain management and alleviation. Called Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, or MAT, this modality combines muscle balancing and joint mobilization in order to pinpoint and correct dysfunctional strain patterns throughout the body. Receiving MAT from a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist can help clients dissolve these patterns before they turn into chronic pain. MAT can also work to begin the process of easing and undoing those stubborn pain patterns that have crossed the line into chronic conditions.

Perhaps one of the main reasons so many professional massage therapists and bodyworkers choose to enroll in massage therapy CE courses with Erik Dalton is because the MAT method has a long history of efficacy among clients who are suffering from pain. The chance to better serve one’s client base by offering longer lasting relief from pain is a wonderful motivating factor when it comes to earning massage therapy CEUS. Whether you choose to complete an online course, an in-person seminar or a distance learning program, taking classes on the topic of MAT is a powerful way to begin providing your current clients with more valuable services.

Of course, as you begin to provide more and more clients with effective pain management via the MAT method, you may start to see yet another benefit of enrolling in Dalton’s online or in-person educational programs. This benefit comes in the form of more new clients, whether from increased referrals or positive word of mouth. An important point to remember when you are searching online for your next continuing education class is that many people who happen to be suffering from pain are intensely searching for the solution that will finally alleviate that pain. The fact that those folks who possess advanced myoskeletal skills can address pain without the use of medication or invasive procedures makes MAT that much more appealing.

Along with a more satisfied and expansive client base, those manual and movement therapists who complete an online CE class or onsite workshop with Erik Dalton may also find that their bottom line soon begins to rise. This has a tendency to happen as the practitioner moves from the more standard relaxation method of massage into the more lucrative world of pain management. With the big potential benefits of pain-free clients, more new clients and an increase in income, it’s easy to see why so many therapists choose to earn their massage CEUs with Erik Dalton.

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