Fixing Fibromyalgia???


“Some insist that it is a medical condition while others are convinced that it is a mental health issue. What is your take on this?”

Because the symptoms of fibromyalgia wax and wane, treatment (as with that of other chronic diseases) should be considered an ongoing process rather than management of a single episode. Flare-ups often exacerbate the client’s underlying stress. Furthermore, stress can also precipitate flare-ups of fibromyalgia. The first line of defense for relieving basic fibromyalgic symptoms should be body therapy and exercise.

Although pain from this condition primarily manifests in specifically designated areas, the trained manual therapist refrains from “chasing the pain” and instead, seeks to restore whole body function by testing for ART: asymmetry; restriction of motion; and tissue texture abnormality. Postural evaluations using Vladimir Janda, M.D.’s Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes have proven extremely beneficial in identifying asymmetrical muscle imbalance patterns that exasperate fibromyalgic symptoms. Specific hands-on techniques that lengthen tight, neurologically facilitated muscles and Tone, inhibited muscles helps restore balance and symmetry while fighting off the compressive forces of gravity. Tissue texture abnormalities must be closely evaluated in clients presenting with fibromyalgic symptoms. Boggy, leathery, fibrotic, contractured, and spasmodic tissues are potential pain generators, with each requiring a uniquely different hands-on approach.

Here is the discussion… Fibromyalgia is a disorder with no widely accepted medical proof. It is a chronic condition characterized by symptoms of widespread pain and tender points as well as fatigue, depression, and sleep disorders. While scientists at the present time have found no generally accepted way to medically document the existence of fibromyalgia, it has been proven that there are physiological changes present in many who have the disorder. The debate will continue to rage as to its origin and existence. Some insist that it is a medical condition while others are convinced that it is a mental health issue. What is your take on this?

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