Erik Dalton is a Featured Presenter at World Massage Conference


Erik Dalton, Ph.D. was a  main presenter at a pre-conference webinar on April 21st, and the World Massage Spring Conference on June 7th and 8th, 2010.

You were invited to attend a FREE live pre-conference broadcast with Erik Dalton who’s going to be discussing the “The 42 Pound Head: Fixing Funky Necks”. This graphic presentation will address ways to assess and correct forward head postures. Often seen as a structurally subtle body segment, the neck is burdened with the challenging task of supporting and moving the human head. Correction of forward head and Upper Crossed neck posture is the key to stopping and reversing degenerative joint disease and pain from headaches, rib dysfunction, TMJ and Dowager’s Humps.

When treating functional problems related to forward head postures a therapist must look beyond the symptoms and the artificial dividing of the body into systems and treat the whole. Participants will learn:
1. To visually recognize pain-generating patterns through postural and gait analysis.
2. How proprioceptive signals from the upper cervical complex regulate endorphins…the body’s pain-controlling chemicals.
3. Articular mobilization routines to restore joint-play to upper cervical fixated facets.
4. Structural integrative soft tissue work to correct degenerative changes and relieve head, neck, rib, TMJ and Dowager’s Hump pain.

After the one hour presentation there wasbe a 30 minute video featuring some of Erik’s favorite assessments and corrections for clients presenting with pain-related forward head postures. 


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