E-learning means easy access to Erik Dalton


In the not so distant past, finding a way to learn from the leaders in the field of massage therapy and bodywork frequently meant booking plane tickets and hotel rooms or, at the very least, driving some distance from the comforts of home. Although this is still an option—and one that many practitioners enjoy, as they turn their learning experience into an adventure and vacation, too—the rapid advances in e-learning have changed the game when it comes to continuing education. Now, it’s possible to access and learn from your favorite educators using sophisticated e-learning programs that take place entirely online.

Prior to the vast improvements and advancements in technology, e-learning did not seem to be much of an option for manual therapists, unless they were looking to learn about a more cerebral topic, such as marketing or ethics, rather than a tactile topic, such as a specific hands-on modality or techniques to address certain client conditions. However, today’s distance learning programs bring much more depth to the table, as modern e-learning integrates a whole host of features that can make it feel as if leading massage CE workshops are taking place right in your own home or office—or pretty much anywhere you have access to a computer and an Internet connection.

From streaming videos that can be paused at any time and watched again and again to animated graphics that take students even deeper into the topic at hand, some might say that today’s e-learning programs for manual and movement therapists come with certain perks that would not even be possible during in-person massage courses. Of course, live massage certification workshops will always have an important place in the realm of continuing education for massage therapists and other hands-on practitioners. However, the growing number of high-quality massage CE courses now available online serves as a wonderful complement to the on-site classes and seminars.

Expanding our view to look at the even bigger picture, it becomes clear that giving more practitioners around the world an opportunity to learn from top educators through remote CE massage workshops can have a powerful positive “domino effect.” Not only do these manual and movement therapists have greater access to the kind of education that can advance their skills and improve their overall careers, but their clients stand to benefit as well. As technology allows greater numbers of massage therapists to learn online from elite educators, the number of clients who benefit from the services of these practitioners will most likely increase as well.

In response to the large number of touch therapists who are interested in learning from leading educator and pain management pioneer Erik Dalton, he and his team have created well-rounded continuing education programs that take place via the Internet, giving students instant access to this seasoned teacher and practitioner. With the simple flip of a computer switch, practitioners can begin to learn the basics of Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) and take their current MAT skills to the next level of expertise.

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