“Changing & Saving Lives” Celebration


Thanks to everyone who attended my lecture and scoliosis demonstration last week at Indiana State University’s “Changing & Saving Lives” conference sponsored by the Applied Medicine & Rehabilitation department. The student body enjoyed outstanding presentations from the sports science, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physician assistant departments. Additionally, it was an honor to represent the Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy program. 

In 2012, Indiana State became the first major university to offer a minor degree in massage therapy. Earlier this year, the Freedom From Pain Institute established a permanent endowment fund to highlight the importance of massage therapy in academic settings. Each semester two outstanding students are chosen; therefore, I was deeply moved to present the 2019 Award of Excellence to these exceptional recipients, Reagan Walther and Morgan Wright. 

Soon, ISU and the Freedom From Pain Institute will launch a public fundraising campaign to highlight the vital role massage therapy plays in physical medicine programs within academia. We hope the success of this program will greatly enhance the image of massage therapy while funding passionate and exceptional students.

I’d like to personally thank Dr. Caroline Mallory, Dean of Health and Human Services; Dr. John Pommier, Chair of Applied Medicine, and Charlie Peebles, Director of Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Department for their hard work and dedication.

Lastly, I want to express my appreciation to Bill Thompson, Indiana State University’s Foundation Director for orchestrating a lovely tour of the campus and sharing his love for the historic sites and upcoming campus projects.

Bottom line:  It was a win-win day for hands-on healing.

Erik Dalton

Dr. John Pommier presents Erik with Endowment Appreciation award.

Charlie Pebbles, Director of Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Program with Erik and John

Charlie Peebles, Laura Boozer, Ronda Bennet, Erik Dalton and Kim Miller following presentation.

Scoliosis demonstation with Bethany… Adams Test

Assessing Bethany’s anatomical landmarks

Standing scoliosis assessment

Testing Bethany’s rotational capacity

Rib springing technique for functional scoliosis

Table treatment for right thoracic scoliosis

Congratulations to Reagan Walther on her 2019 Award of Excellence scholarship 

Congratulations fot Morgan Wright on her 2019 Award of Excellence Scholorship 

Erik with his Distinguished  Presenter Award from the Applied Medicine & Rehabilitation Department of Indiana State University


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