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The Search For Normal Fascial Relationships

Fascial Relationships. At every turn, I was asking these questions over and over: “Is that supposed to be there?” and “Is that stuck to that by accident, or is it normal for them to be like that?” An anatomy flash card describes an “origin” and an “insertion” for every “muscle” in the body. While one can differentiate from the whole a length of ensheathed muscle proteins spanning from the pubic bone

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Stiff Hips and Low-Back Pain

Addressing Femoroacetabular Extension Restrictions What’s the first thing that comes to mind when a client presents with low-back pain?  Muscle spasm, nerve impingement, osteoarthritis, or

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ABMP CE Summit 2021

I’m excited to be joining a bunch of great manual therapy educators online for the ABMP CE Summit happening Oct 26-27th.  Its a two day

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What is the MELT method?

In this blog post, I’d like to feature the writing of Sue Hitzmann as she describes her MELT Method. I’ve always respected Sue’s prolific work

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