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Technique Treasures

https://vimeo.com/472292334 Get the best hands-on training for correcting posture, pain and orthopedic injuries with Erik Dalton’s favorite “head-to-toe” techniques. In this handsomely illustrated eLearning course,

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Gut Gasses and Stomach Pain

Image 1 When we digest food, naturally occurring bacteria in the gut emits various gases, including methane and hydrogen (Image 1). In an optimally functioning

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Bodywork is Like Chewing on a Stick

https://vimeo.com/433471122/9b8d551f24 Bodywork as an outlet for Psychological Stress Nearly a century ago, Hans Selye began his pioneering research into the human stress response by providing

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Image 2. With client’s knee flexed and foot resting on therapy table, my fingers palpate the fibular head and begin translating forward and back assessing for lack of joint play

Superior Tib-Fib Fixation

https://vimeo.com/388704497 From Essential MAT Assessments course  One of the primary functions of the tib-fib synovial joint is to help dissipate lower leg torsional stresses during

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Massage in an Era of COVID-19

https://vimeo.com/436275997 Occasionally, I invite guest contributors to this blog. Given our current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it would be beneficial to bring

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