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Bicycle Seat Neuropathy

Addressing pudendal nerve pain Sometimes clients don’t tell us the whole story. Such was the case with Mark, a 39-year-old competitive cyclist referred by a

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Don’t Disregard the Coccyx

Addressing localized buttock pain Coccydynia can also be attributed to a malformed or dislocated coccyx and the growth of bony spurs at this joint. Unlike fractures,

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A Surge in Overuse Injuries

Addressing cumulative trauma disorders Year-round sports are a way of life for many and involve people across all age groups. From elite professionals and athletes

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Putting the Pieces Together

Clinical reasoning for an evidence-informed practice Each of us has a toolbox packed with assessments and techniques for treating clients with various pain complaints. Using

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The Search For Normal Fascial Relationships

Fascial Relationships. At every turn, I was asking these questions over and over: “Is that supposed to be there?” and “Is that stuck to that by accident, or is it normal for them to be like that?” An anatomy flash card describes an “origin” and an “insertion” for every “muscle” in the body. While one can differentiate from the whole a length of ensheathed muscle proteins spanning from the pubic bone

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