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Stiff Hips and Low-Back Pain

Addressing Femoroacetabular Extension Restrictions What’s the first thing that comes to mind when a client presents with low-back pain?  Muscle spasm, nerve impingement, osteoarthritis, or

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1. Eye gazing creates a “neural duet” between the client and therapist’s brains.

The Eyes Have It

The Therapeutic Value of Eye Gazing https://vimeo.com/482889113 During a history intake, do you look into your client’s eyes when they’re trying to tell you something,

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Technique Treasures! NEW eCourse Erik Dalton

Technique Treasures

https://vimeo.com/472292334 Get the best hands-on training for correcting posture, pain and orthopedic injuries with Erik Dalton’s favorite “head-to-toe” techniques. In this handsomely illustrated eLearning course,

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1. Rat chewing on a stick as a stress outlet

Bodywork is Like Chewing on a Stick

https://vimeo.com/433471122/9b8d551f24 Bodywork as an outlet for Psychological Stress Nearly a century ago, Hans Selye began his pioneering research into the human stress response by providing

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