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Bodywork, Hormones & Homeostasis

https://vimeo.com/282334073 This contrast between PNE and manual therapy has seemingly polarized followers from each approach with one group viewing PNE as a ‘hands-off’ approach and

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Why Certify Through Us?

Aubrey Gowing, MMT – Teaching Assistant, Workshop Trainer, Dublin Ireland Provide Your Clients Lasting Relief from Pain Achieving great results for clients suffering from chronic

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Treating Hip Osteoarthrosis

https://vimeo.com/311365577 From Art of MAT course Although some are optimistic about the future of stem cell therapy, Murray’s orthopedic surgeon, the legendary Dr. John O’Donnell,

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Digital Dementia

https://vimeo.com/383834380 Techniques as shown in Assessment course Addressing Postural Plasticity Digital Dementia is a term coined by neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer to describe a condition caused by

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