Neck, Rotator Cuff, Low Back, Hip & Legs

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Erik Dalton Dallas, Texas Myoskeletal Alignment Workshop - Neck, Rotator Cuff, Low Back, Hip & Legs
September 30- October 2, 2011
Tuition: $ 455.00
3 Day 24 CE Myoskeletal Workshop and 1 Day





Neck, Rotator Cuff,
Low Back, Hip & Legs

Day 1…Advanced Neck: Myoskeletal mobilization routines for fixated necks, dowager’s humps, impinged nerves, functional scoliosis, and rib pain.

Day 2… Low Back/Hips & Legs: Simplified “back spasm” recipe for torsioned spines, locked SI joints, adhesive hip capsules, and feet/ knee injuries.

Day 3… Advanced Shoulder: Learn to successfully evaluate and treat inflammatory and chronic disorders such as TOS, rotator cuff impingement and adhesive capsulitis.

The concept of the human body as an interconnected dynamic system will be stressed. The Myoskeletal approach emphasizes the enhancement of function as an avenue to effective and efficient treatment of mechanical symptomatology. Specially designed for practicing massage, sports and structural integration therapists, these dynamic muscle-balancing, joint-stretching and functional alignment routines boost referrals through increased customer satisfaction.

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