Myoskeletal Alignment for Neck,Low Back and Leg Pain

Asheville, North Carolina (Magic in the Mountains)

March 4 – 6, 2011
Tuition: $ 455.00

3 Day 24 CE Myoskeletal Workshop and 1 Day
Myoskeletal Alignment for Neck,
Low Back and Leg Pain

Day 1… Cervicothoracic Pain: Dalton’s very popular “Dirty Dozen/Advanced Neck Combo” presents an integrated approach for helping massage therapists assess and correct neck cricks, dowager’s humps, thoracic outlet syndrome, pinched nerves, scoliosis, and facet/rib pain.

Day 2…Lumbosacral Pain: Simplified “back spasm” recipe for torsioned spines, locked SI joints, piriformis syndrome and adhesive hip capsules. Includes innovative side-lying muscle-balancing techniques & joint stretching routines…perfect for treating large or pregnant clients.

Day 3…Foot, Knee and Hip Pain: Take a muscle/joint balancing tour through the feet, knees, hips and legs. Learn a simplified functional formula for treating chronic cases of plantar fasciitis, shin splints, IT-band friction syndrome, and foot pronation. Participants also learn to identify and correct short leg syndromes responsible for pelvic instability and pain.

Specially designed for the professional massage, sports and structural integration therapist, these dynamic muscle-balancing, joint-stretching and functional mobilization routines boost referrals through increased customer satisfaction.