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Certified Myoskeletal Therapist
(Upper Body Specialist)

22 CE hours & online tests


22 CE hours & printed tests


What you get with this 22 CE Upper Body home-study program:

  • 5-piece Myoskeletal Therapist Package
  • Two broadcast quality instructional DVDs (with dissection & animation)
  • Handsomely illustrated Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques textbook
  • Multiple choice exam…printed or online
  • Certified Myoskeletal Therapist (Upper Body Specialist) diploma suitable for framing
  • Certified Myoskeletal Therapist logo to proudly display on your website or business cards
  • 22 CE Upper Body Course includes the 2 CE Ethics Course

More than just in the upper body, it seems nearly no region of the body is immune from pain, and professional manual therapists can attest to the fact that clients present with issues that span the spectrum from head to toe. When it comes to the top half of the body, the places where pain is prevalent can vary and can also be quite connected to one another, with an emphasis on spots such as the neck and shoulders. With Erik Dalton’s Upper Body continuing education program, practitioners can learn how to properly address both common and not-so- common pain conditions that can plague the muscles, ligaments, joints and fascia within this particular region of the body. Using Dalton’s signature modality, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT), manual therapists can begin to release their clients’ chronic pain.

The techniques employed in MAT blend Dalton’s background in structural integration with his leading-edge knowledge about the complex interplay between posture, pain and the brain. MAT teaches massage therapists, bodyworkers, athletic trainers and other health professionals how to get to the bottom of chronic pain using deep-tissue massage, myofascial release, assisted stretching, joint capsule routines, specialized spindle-stimulating maneuvers, low-force “receptor recoil” techniques and more. It all begins with a simple, strategic assessment that allows practitioners to identify the client’s real pain-generator, so the dysfunction that is the true source of the client’s persistent pain can finally be corrected. In the Upper Body home- study program, Dalton explores this process as he teaches students what they need to know about upper body compensatory patterns and reflexogenic pain.

Upper Body CE Program Delivers Big Benefits

Delivered straight to your doorstep, the Upper Body distance learning CE course includes two broadcast-quality instructional DVDS, which show Dalton demonstrating his techniques in a clear, step-by- step manner. These videos also include dissection and animation images throughout, which add yet another dimension of knowledge and understanding for the student viewing from home. The continuing education course also comes with the textbook “Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques,” which contains detailed information on MAT for a vast array of client issues and conditions. Upon completion of this home-study course, students take a multiple choice exam, either printed or online, and can then receive the prestigious credential of Certified Myoskeletal Therapist: Upper Body Specialist, as well as 22 CEUs.

As far as the specific topics covered within the MAT Upper Body home-study program, these include issues that range from headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome and breathing problems to neck cricks, nerve pinches and rib pain. In fact, this CE program showcases Dalton’s “Dirty Dozen” — 12 key MAT routines for promoting myoskeletal balance and, in turn, easing a whole host of pain problems throughout the top half of the body and beyond. Also featured within the course are various receptor techniques, which can work to relieve pain caused by conditions such as whiplash, migraines, scoliosis and dural drag. By completing this course, you can feel well-equipped to provide lasting solutions when your clients present with upper body pain. As a big added bonus, the ability to serve these clients so well typically results in increased bookings and referrals.


What do you do when palpating a client’s neck that won’t rotate to one side, or a headache that gets worse as you work, or a dowager’s hump that doesn’t respond to treatment? You must ask yourself…what is the real pain-generator… muscle, ligament, joint, fascia?

Join Erik Dalton as he explores the fascinating world of upper body compensatory patterns and reflexogenic pain. Brought to you in dazzling detail, this handsome home-study program will show how to localize down to the dysfunctional lesion to help with chronic client complains such as:

  • Headaches
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Breathing Problems
  • Neck Cricks
  • Rib Pain
  • Nerve Pinches
  • Dowager’s Humps
  • Visceral Dysfunction
  • Forward Head Postures

Dalton’s “Dirty-Dozen” techniques: teach 12 deep tissue, myofascial release, assisted stretching, joint capsule routines and specialize spindle-stimulating maneuvers to promote myoskeletal balance.

Myoskeletal Zone Therapy: How 3rd trimester fetal development leads to predictable torsional patterns manifesting as chronic head, neck, rib, low back and visceral pain.

Receptor Techniques: Relieve pain caused by conditions such as whiplash, migraines, scoliosis and dural drag. Learn low-force “receptor recoil” techniques to restore soft tissue pain free movement.