Corrective MAT for Pinched Nerves in the Neck, Back and Periphery

  • Isolate the source of nerve pain and limited mobility Release reflexive muscle spasms that affect neuromuscular function and cause inflammation
  • Restore pain-free, full-range movement to the spine, arms and legs
  • Address complex issues around the thoracic outlet, cubital tunnel, low back, sciatic nerve and more
  • Earn 16 CE hours for State and National Licensure

A variety of problems arise when nerves become impinged or trapped in key joints throughout the body. Compression of nerves in the body’s peripheral nervous system can lead to numbness, motor weakness, muscle spasms, pain, and the development of protective scar tissue. With a professional level of understanding of neuromuscular anatomy, bodywork therapists can easily begin to correct these problems for their clients.

Neuromobilization techniques addressing nerve impingement originally developed from research of physiotherapists Geoffrey Maitland, Michael Shacklock and David Butler. Over the years, their foundation of knowledge has been expanded. This course covers that research in-depth, with a full-color manual, videos, worksheets and supplemental reading. These resources are bursting with colorful illustrations, demos and diagrams explaining the anatomy and function of joints, nerves and muscles. All 3 DVDs feature Erik Dalton demonstrating a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy for neuromobilization, correcting nerve impingements and reducing inflammation.

The Treating Trapped Nerves course is part of the MMT Certification requirements.  Upon completion, you’ll be able to address a variety of pain and mobility problems caused by nerve impingements in the body’s joints.

Develop These Skills for Treating Nerve Impairments

  • Perform accurate assessments of joint positioning and mobility
  • Encourage joint mobilization with maneuvers such as traction and gliding
  • Combine soft tissue massage with active stretching and muscle energy techniques
  • Educate clients on corrective home exercises  to assist your work
  • Utilize over 65 nerve mobilization assessments and corrective techniques

Earn Continuing Education for Bodywork

When you complete the test for this course, you will earn 16 CE hours for your bodywork licensure, recognized by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and most State Licensing Boards.

Upon purchase, you’ll be sent the Treating Trapped Nerves DVDs, printed manual and supplemental reading to study at home. Study and practice at your own pace before taking the test.

Once you pass the test, you’ll receive a certificate to submit for your license renewal, as well as to proudly display in your office. You’ll also earn the  Trapped Nerves Specialist certification and be listed in our online directory of bodyworkers with MAT training.

If you’d like to help clients with issues arising from impingement and inflammation in the joints around peripheral nerves, you’ll learn how by taking this course.


16 CE Hours Included in this course

Treating Trapped Nerves MAT Home Study Course


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