Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) Technique Tour

  • Immediately incorporate foundational MAT techniques into your bodywork practice
  • Address pain arising from the rotator cuff, crossed posture, scoliosis and more
  • Relieve pain and promote synergistic function in the feet, ankles, knees and hamstrings
  • Establish your reputation as a massage therapist able to help naturally correct many of the most frequent causes of pain
  • Earn 16 CE hours for State and National Licensure

Many of the common causes of complaint for massage clients arise from common problems. Erik Dalton’s Technique Tour MAT program has a comprehensive set of maneuvers for helping relieve these problems, from the lower back, to the rotator cuff, to the feet and knees. With expert-level understanding of both the causes of pain as well as how to provide relief, you’ll bring your bodywork practice to the next level.

With a set of 3 DVDs and a colorful technique manual, you receive complete instruction in Dalton’s most-used maneuvers. By helping your clients avoid or reduce their use of pain medication or invasive surgery for ailments comprising the bulk of pain management industry, you’ll be a valuable resource for your community.

The Technique Tour course is part of the Master MAT Certification requirements.  Upon completion, you’ll be able to manually address a spectrum of the most-seen issues for your clients.

Learn to Offer Essential MAT Techniques to Your Clients

  • Master highly effective deep tissues maneuvers for everything from low back pain to TMJ
  • Incorporate safe joint stretching into your bodywork repertoire
  • Learn muscle balancing routines to encourage cohesive muscular function
  • Utilize basic assessments that pinpoint your priorities

Earn Continuing Education for Bodywork– Online or At Home

When you complete the test for this course, you will earn 16 CE hours for your bodywork licensure, recognized by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and most State Licensing Boards.

If you choose the home study option, you’ll be sent the Technique Tour DVDs and printed manual by mail. Study and practice at your own pace before taking the test. Keep the educational resources in your bodywork library for life.

If you choose the online e-Learning course, you’ll instantly receive access to all course material on our online learning platform. Study all you want for up to one full year before you take the online test.

When you pass the test, we’ll then send you a certificate of completion to submit for your license renewal and to display on your office wall.

All massage therapists who complete this course will be listed in our online directory of bodyworkers with the Technique Tour Specialist Certification.

Your practice will grow in repeat clients and referrals when you provide effective, lasting results with the approach you learn in this essential MAT course.

Common Questions and Special Cases

  • The e-Learning course DOES NOT include the Dalton Technique Tour Home Study DVD set. However, if you’d like to add the DVD’s to your collection, we can give you a discount. Please e-mail us or call Kim Miller at 800-709-5054 to order.
  • If you already own the DVD sets for this course, call Kim Miller at 800-709-5054, or e-mail us, to receive a 50% discount on the curriculum and CE hours.
  • Printed tests for the e-Learning option are also available by request.
  • Visit our e-Learning FAQ page for answers to more common questions about the e-Learning course.

16 CE Hours included in this course

Technique Tour Master MAT Home Study Course with Online Test + Printed Test.

Take the test from your computer whenever you want, or fill the test out when you’re ready, and send it to our office for review.


Technique Tour Master MAT Online
E-Learning Course.

Study through our online platform for up to one year. Take the test when you’re prepared.