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The Dalton Foundational Home Study Bundle includes three courses with 80 Homestudy Massage Therapy CEU and Myoskeletal Certification for:

Posture & Pain Specialist (5-piece package | 20 CEs)

Upper Body Specialist (5-piece package |22 CEs)

Lower Body Specialist (9-piece package | 32 CEs)

Professional Ethics Course (6 CEs)

CEs are non-expiring and can be taken any time, any year!

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Dive into MAT Foundational Home-Study Bundle

For a thorough education on the powerful, popular pain-management modality known as Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT), professional massage therapists, bodyworkers, athletic trainers and manual therapists of all kinds can dive right in to the learning process with the purchase of Erik Dalton’s MAT Foundational Home-Study Bundle. Similar to a one-stop shop for MAT continuing education, this well-rounded home-study package includes four CE courses that are typically purchased individually at a higher price: Posture & Pain Specialist, Upper Body Specialist, Lower Body Specialist and Professional Ethics. The sheer variety of topics covered in this continuing education package make it well worth the investment, given that those who complete the full bundle will then be equipped to take their careers to a whole new level of success in the realm of pain management.

With a list price of less than $1,200, coupled with consistent sales that can bring the fee for this in-depth package down to around $800, continuing education students will get a fantastic return on their investment when they choose to purchase this bundled MAT distance learning program. A top-notch product in terms of the quality and diversity of videos and textbooks included, the foundational MAT package yields a whopping total of 80 continuing education credits, and the courses have been approved by both the NCBTMB and the BOC. Whether you’re aiming to rack up a solid dose of CEUs, move into the financially and emotionally rewarding world of clinical manual therapy — or, most likely, both — this is the package for you.

Foundational Home-Study Bundle delivers big benefits

Along with the huge CEU payoff that will come from completing all four courses within the MAT bundle, there are quite a few other big benefits to enrolling in these home-study classes as well. For starters, with each MAT program you complete within the Foundational Home-Study Bundle, you will receive a specialized credential as a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist. For example, when you finish the Posture & Pain program, your diploma will show that you have not only earned the title of Certified Myoskeletal Therapist, but also that you are now considered a “Myoskeletal Techniques Posture & Pain Specialist.” With the other two MAT courses in the package, you will receive the titles of “Myoskeletal Techniques Upper Body Specialist” and “Myoskeletal Techniques Lower Body Specialist.”

The ability to show prospective clients and employers that you are well-trained in any one or all three of these topics when it comes to non-invasive pain management is one of the invaluable benefits of completing the Foundational Home-Study Bundle. Also, given that the CE hours earned through these distance learning courses do not expire, you can spread out your education to suit your schedule, taking the classes any time, any year. This way, you will not feel rushed as you make your way through each effective MAT lesson. Besides being able to go at your own pace and show potential clients and employers a set of impressive credentials, the most obvious benefit of completing the Foundational Home-Study Bundle is that you will be incredibly well-equipped to help people who are in pain.

Please call 800-709-5054 if you already own one of our home-study courses and want credit toward the Home Study Bundle (or Complete Library).