When it’s time to boost your earning power, better serve your clients and earn necessary continuing education units (CEUs), most practitioners don’t want to wait. By developing high-quality e-learning courses, which can be taken entirely online, Erik Dalton has made it possible for manual therapists to gain instant access to advanced training in his popular pain-management modality, which is known as Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, or MAT. Equipped with a computer and an Internet connection, practitioners who wish to learn MAT skills or further their existing MAT skill set can sign up and get started right away. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of easy access to this kind of top-level continuing education is the fact that manual therapists can take this knowledge into their own practices for increased success as soon as possible.

The e-learning courses Dalton currently offers include “Techniques for Shoulder, Arm & Hand,” “Technique Tour,” and the new “Treating Trapped Nerves.” Each of these three programs delivers 16 CEUs. Upon completion of each class, students not only earn valuable CEUs, but also receive the credential of Certified Myoskeletal Therapist, with a downloadable and printable diploma that specifically states which training program the practitioner has completed. However, by far the most important reward of taking either one or both of these continuing education classes is the chance to learn valuable MAT skills.

Board Approved continuing education

Freedom From Pain Institute is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB #157429-00) and Florida Board of Massage Therapy CE Provider #50-790

e-Learning courses can be taken in any order.
All CEs are non-expiring

Enjoy quick career growth with MAT e-learning courses

By getting certified to practice MAT and enhancing your myoskeletal training with these e-learning courses, as well as other Dalton CE programs and seminars, you can begin to see how powerful a MAT skill set can be when it comes to career growth. The reason MAT practitioners can attain such a high level of success is simple — this modality works. Once you have the basic knowledge to begin performing MAT for your clients, you should start seeing results that include lasting relief from chronic pain, speedier injury recovery and more. Such results, in turn, help create great word-of- mouth marketing for your business and can also lead to increased referrals from medical professionals. In addition, the knowledge and certification one can gain by taking even a single MAT continuing education class can open the door to employment opportunities in arenas that range from professional sports to orthopedic medicine.

When it comes to this kind of quick career growth, Dalton’s e-learning courses can be the perfect place to start. Not only do they deliver MAT training immediately due to the fact they take place entirely online, but they also cover topics that translate into powerful session techniques for a broad range of clients. For instance, within “Technique Tour,” students will learn some of Dalton’s favorite head-to- toe MAT protocols for assessing and addressing issues that range from SI joint pain, neck cricks and plantar fasciitis to low-back pain, rotator-cuff injuries and hamstring tears. In the other fully online MAT CE course, “Techniques for Shoulder, Arm & Hand,” Dalton teaches more than 65 techniques for pain and compensatory patterns in these frequently affected areas of the body.