Become a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist with the Complete Library Bundle


Includes 7 Home Study Courses – 128 non-expiring CEs

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Save 20% with Discount Code MYO20

Complete Dalton Library Bundle a one-stop shop for MAT

Over the course of more than three decades consistently spent at the leading edge of non-invasive pain management, Erik Dalton has developed a powerfully effective method of manual therapy called Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, or MAT. Highly sought after by clients with all kinds of pain conditions, particularly chronic pain, and medical professionals who need non-invasive and non-pharmacological options for their pain patients, MAT is an incredible specialty for a manual therapist to master. The benefits of pursuing advanced skills in this pain-management modality include the ability to better help a wide range of clients in pain and also the ability to make a lucrative living providing this much-needed service. When it comes to training for such a successful career in MAT, a perfect one-stop shop is the Complete Dalton Library Bundle.

This impressive bundle is packed with each of Erik Dalton’s home-study CE courses, instructional DVDs and textbooks. In other words, purchasing this complete library is about as close as you can get to actually apprenticing one-on-one with Erik Dalton for an extended period of time. Due to the depth, breadth and stunning quality of this distance learning material, by the time you complete each course and instructional DVD, you will know the MAT approach to nearly any client condition. In fact, the topics of MAT training that are covered in the complete library include: posture and pain; upper body; lower body; shoulder, arm and hand; a head-to-toe MAT technique tour; and how to restore motion to restricted fascial layers, adhesive joint capsules and injured ligaments.

Careers take off with the Complete Dalton Library Bundle

While it is possible to purchase each of the seven programs contained in this comprehensive CE package separately, practitioners choose to buy the Complete Dalton Library Bundle because it delivers all of Dalton’s home-study material at once, with a substantially lower price per program. There are 128 non-expiring continuing education units (CEUs) waiting to be earned here, and Dalton is approved as a continuing education provider by NCBTMB. With all these programs at your fingertips, you can earn CEUs as you need them, at your own pace, choosing which topics you want to start with according to the needs of your clients and your career.

For example, you might choose to begin your foray into the Complete Dalton Library Bundle with the 16 CEU “Dalton Technique Tour,” which consists of three DVDs that display head-to-toe MAT favorites in the form of deep tissue, joint stretching and postural therapeutic techniques. With each course you complete, you not only gain CEUs, but also a diploma that shows you are an officially trained Certified Myoskeletal Therapist, with expertise in the topic of each specific home-study course. Once you finish the CE classes within the Complete Dalton Library Bundle, you will have seven of these diplomas to show prospective clients and employers that you are highly trained in manual therapy for pain management.

Library Bundle Includes

Myoskeletal Techniques (for Posture & Pain – 20 CE)

3 DVDs for Posture and Pain. Now includes the New 2nd edition Posture – Pain – Performance Textbook.
This graphically enhanced full color edition integrates deep tissue, joint stretching. muscle energy techniques, new home retraining and more!

Myoskeletal Techniques (for Upper Body – 22 CEs with free 2 CE Ethics)

2 DVDs for Head, Neck and Upper Body Pain, Advanced Myoskeletal Textbook,
Online or printed test. Certified Myoskeletal Therapist Upper Body Specialist Diploma

Myoskeletal Techniques (for Lower Body – 32 CEs)

6 DVDs for Low Back, Hip & Leg Pain, Dynamic Body Textbook, Online or printed test
Bonus DVD and Certified Myoskeletal Therapist Lower Body Specialist Diploma

Treating Trapped Nerves Home-Study – 16 CE

This Myoskeletal Home-Study course teaches powerful and effective techniques for
correcting pinched nerves in the neck, back, and extremities.

Dalton Technique Tour Home-Study – 16 CE

3 DVDs – “head-to-toe” deep tissue, joint stretching and postural therapeutic techniques. Printed test only.
Includes full color technique manual and diploma.

Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm & Hand Home-Study – 16 CE

3 DVDs – Featuring Erik Dalton’s sports therapy, structural integration and pain management techniques for assessing and correcting painful shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.

Professional Ethics Course – 6 CE

Comprehensive NCBTMB Approved. Includes roles and boundaries.

Also includes:

Motion is Lotion DVD Set

3 DVD set with Erik Dalton Ph.D and Paul Kelly as they restore lotion to motion restricted fascial layers, adhesive joint capsules and injured ligaments your clients will love this work. The perfect mix of Myoskeletal and functional movement therapies.


Please call 800-709-5054 if you already own one of our home-study courses and want credit toward the Home Study Bundle (or Complete Library).

Display these Diplomas proudly to show your clients your commitment to their pain relief